IDJE the smallest of my Zwergnase dolls, is channelling her inner Lady Gaga this Christmas!

She’s decided to take the sleigh out and leave gifts with her friends in the village, she will socially distance , I’m sure.

I just hope she leaves the gifts on the doorstep and not throw them over the gate towards the door! Which she did do with a birthday gift she delivered in the last lockdown!

Luckily it was not breakable !



If you like to skate…

and someone here loves to ice skate!

Belle whose been out skating for an hour is enjoying sliding along the ice twisting and turning and doing little jumps.

She whizzes past again..

Oh look how she glides on one leg balancing carefully..

She comes to a stop panting gently after all that skating.

Suddenly she catches movement out the corner of her eye !

It’s her new brother Jamie  ” Hi Belle I saw you skating and wondered if I could join you? ”
” Yes It will be nice to have some company  ” she smiles

” I could only find these old racing skates !” says Jamie showing Belle ” They won’t fit with my trainers, so I’ll have to just wear my socks!”
Belle looks worried ” What if you fall ? you could hurt your feet 1″
Jamie just smiles ” I’ll be fine I’m not afraid of the ice I lived for years in Scotland , this feels warm to me!” he boasts .

He’s soon back and they spend sometime getting used to skating together circling round and doing small moves, until Jamie says ” Ready? ” “Yes ” laughs Belle and they start to raise their arms and spin..



They spin round twice coming to a graceful stop !

They look at each other with big grins ” You’re good ” laughs Belle
” You’re better” laughs Jamie , knowing Belle’s gracefully movement makes him looking what he is novice!
” Come on lets try a jump together ” says Jamie
” Alright just one then I must go in, it’s starting to get cold ”

They complete their jump which they managed to land safely with only a small wobble and then Belle makes her way back to the house and a warm shower and some hot chocolate.

Jamie starts skating slowly round the ice, increasing his speed with each circuit .

Soon he’s cutting through the ice at speed, this is what he loves speed skating, he enjoyed skating with Belle but now with the wind whistling past his ears and  his legs pumping he felt free!

He starts leaning forward and with a whoop, races on filled with joy.

In his head he can hear the cheers and the commentator ” Yes it’s Jamie MacKenzie Owen 1st for Great Britain and Northern Ireland in this Olympic speed skating contest , well done lad !” he pushes himself harder until finally he realises he cannot longer feel his toes, so had best go back in.. a speed skater needs his toes!!


Well Jamie was not the only one to get a new sweater this week , the girls also received one, but who to wear it first?

Lots of discussion, s few tantrums and a few tears  before Mum took over and made the choice! along with a list of who gets to wear it next!

Why do they always look through the trellis? what are they hoping to see?

Well why they look we get to see the beautiful detail at the back !

Ah It’s Mable Lucy ! who is first to wear the new sweater by the talented Rosie Laird , I think mum chose her because she was not fighting over it but getting upset that everyone was arguing !

A close view of the tiny cable stitches.

Mable Lucy’s also wearing a pair of the new cords from Ginny of a Passion for Sasha with a pair of grey JJ shoes.

Now she’s talking to Boris one of the gargoyles whose protect the house and garden.

How sweet , she holds his finger her hands too small to hold his.

She looks off down the garden but Boris watches and waits.

He knew it! Mable Lucy always leans against him for a rest! have you ever heard a gargoyle chuckle?
me neither but you do feel the earth shaking slightly…so deep is the sound.

Boris watches Mable Lucy while Mable Lucy watches the garden.


Later Mable Lucy moves on down the garden stopping at the covered benches.

No sun today to cast a shadow but a strong breeze that could take the feet out from under a wobbly strung Sasha, so Mable Lucy makes her way back to the house to ask Dad when he’s going to sort out her strings!!

I must apologise to Rosie for not pulling the sleeves down into place! But when dealing with a wobbly strung Sasha , I tend to forget about those things while getting them to stand and not dive into the gravel or shrubbery ! I could have chosen another of my girls but thought Mable Lucy would look good with her short bobbed hair .
I was so happy to nab this gorgeously detailed and perfectly sized cable sweater made by Rosie definitely a winner and I am sure she’ll have a waiting list by now.


Today is cold but incredibly sunny, so I took a walk round the garden after lunch, I took the camera with me, to record any flowers or things of interest in the garden. Problem is with the gorgeous sunshine I kept over shadowing things when trying to use the camera, deciding to give up I was heading back in when I came across a beautiful field of Persian Poppies…..

… on the back of a sweater… the wearer seemed to be watching something through the trellis.

I went to the side to try and catch their attention, without making them jump!

They seem very intent on something through the trellis, I decide to go to the other side ans see for myself!

I can see nothing, so cough lightly..

” Oh It’s you Jamie!”
“Yes have you been there long? ”

“Long enough to see you staring through the trellis, what was you watching? ”
” Just that cat Mable she seems to be following me!”

” She is quite a nosy cat ”
“She is ” replies Jamie ” Hold on! here she comes I’;m going to satnd perfect still and pretend I don’t see her! I never should have stroked her! ”

Jamie stands still barely breathing while Mable hops up and checks him out.

Getting bored when Jamie remains still, she does to wander off.

“Thank goodness ” sighs Jamie ” I think she’s gone!”

“Yes , she just gone through the trellis, your safe for now!” I laugh ” That’s a lovely sweater and hat you have there !”

” Do you like it? ” smiles Jamie delighted ” It’s made by Auntie Diane, she has special permission from the designer Kaffe Fassett , it’s based on his Persian Poppies ”

“Well I think it’s wonderful and looks lovely on you ”

“Do you think so? ” smiles Jamie ” I love that it hides my funny hair cut! and it keeps my head nice and warm too ”
” I should think it does , let’s go and take  a few photos of you in it, so auntie Diane can see how fine you look!”

Jamie agrees.

Jamie goes up to one of  the gargoyle’s in the garden, the gargoyle keeps an eye on him!

I take a few quick shots while they size each other up!



Mmm I think they have come to some sort of silent agreement!

sunshine and shadows


Just to show how sunny it was!

another look at that fabulous sweater and hat.


Please note that to be inspired by the clothing shown and to add a twist or style of your own , is creative and of interest but to copy any design outright is not acceptable. Diane Dukes has permission from the famous designer to use his designs, adapted by her after much trial and error, for the Sasha dolls. So please respect this and if it’s inspired you to be creative all well and good if it’s inspired you to copy.. go have a cup of tea and decide how you’d feel if you’d spent all that time perfecting something and for some else to steal the design..

Remember to copy is not to flatter , to copy is lazy and unimaginative , to take an idea and run with it to somewhere else then that’s talent. Be it in design, photography or content.


I was going to change Catlin into a dress for the red post that I was doing but I just loved her in the outfit she had on, so in the end decided to leave her in it and take some photo’s.

I just love how she looks in this rust coloured coat by Karen Warnaka that I have teamed with
a skirt and blouse set by Ruth Hartley and shoes by JJ.

A closer view of Catlin.

The colour goes very well with her red hair.

Here she is without her coat. I do like these floral blouses with the pleated skirt with braces.

a closer view.

I really need to find their hair brush! I can never seem to lay my hands on it when I need it. I may have to get a couple more and keep them in various places round the house!
But if it’s anything like the usual I’ll be finding someone just about to use them on their hair!!


Well you’ll have seen Jamie taking part in yesterdays  RED clothing shoot but he looked so nice in the clothes, I took a few extra photo’s to share separately.

Valentine kindly loaned Jamie his jacket.

looking forward.

I think the beret suits him

Holding the coat on one shoulder.

Without the coat.

Head and shoulders shot.

looking quite serious.

Looking to the side.



Well Jamie is a very photogenic lad, so I am sure he’ll be doing some more photo shoots in the future.

He is quite a lovely lad really and I am surprised how much he appeals to me !


of love , so they say ! also rage , anger and whatever else.. personally I just love the colour that is RED!.

On Friday I decided to go search out some of the red clothing the Sasha Village children have and change them into it , to help celebrate St Valentine’s Day, also our own Valentine’s birthday and just because I love the colour and it will be nice and warming for the cold spell that’s about to hit the country.. now I have finished my week off and am back at work for the next five and a half days…..

So lets start..

With Valentine, who is wearing a red sweater by Michelle along with tartan trousers  also by Michelle and Lisa pixie boots .

He does like red does our Valentine.

Next up is Violet and Sapphire wearing lovely red Batik dresses made by Michelle, with J J shoes.

I notice Violet’s managed to get a dress with a touch of violet in it!

Now sweet Claudia wearing a Tartan dress by Ginny of A Passion for Sasha and Rosie Bloom sandals.

I just love Claudia she as such a sweet gentle way to her.

Next is Sansa who looks a like fed up!She is wearing a blouse, skirt, shoes and socks by Ruth Hartley and a Swiss style red jacket by Karen Warnaka.

You need to brush that hair Sansa, it’s getting in your eyes!

Robin is still wearing his Ginny shirts and cords.

looking nice Robin.

Next is Ginny wearing a dress by Sharon , with shoes by Ruth Hartley. Looking very modern is our Ginny.

Ginny also loves red.

Ava is wearing another Ginny dress along with Rosie bloom shoes.

Ava loves red, it so suits the brunette girls.

Valentine with a few of the girls wearing red.

Joined by Robin and Ginny.

Anoushka is in her Karen W dress, Gill Nash Socks and JJ shoes.

She likes hiding behind her fringe!

Toby’s still wearing his play dungarees by Ginny of A Passion For Sasha, teamed with his Jj shoes.

A sweet mischievous boy

Liberty is wearing a Vintage Sasha coat and hairband.

Keeps her hair nice and tidy.

Jamie very kindly joined in the fun by changing into something red!

I think red suits him

Hattie is wearing her Ginny dress and Lisa H boots.

looking good Hattie.

Another pair of twins, this time Oliver and Olivia, both wearing Ginny, APfS and Ollie in JJ shoes and Olivia in Rosie Blooms.

A happy pair of twins.

another group photo of them in red.

Well I hope you enjoyed this RED post, I have to confess I do own some more red clothing but some of the others refused to change plus one girl looked so nice in what she was wearing I decide to leave her as she was.

This lovely red is needed on this COLD winter day !!


The little bear looks round the room, she gives everyone a fierce look !
” has na one told youse it rude to stare!” she demands looking Mossy then Edward in the eye!

“Well no! ”
“Yes My apologies ” say Mossy and Edward at the same time
“Surely there cannot be two of them? ” whispers Aimee so loud the newcomer glares at her

” Na there canna !” says the bear giving Aimee such a look that she decides she needs to be elsewhere, so she scurries from the room.

finally the bear wipes her lips and sighs, over in the corner Gertie holds her hand out to Gunther for her winnings !

The bear looks at Edward ” Can youse show me to ma bed laddie ? I’m fair whacked and need a rest!”
“If it weren’t for that accent they could be twins!” says Mossy earning himself another glare!
“Today would be good!” says the bear looking at Edward
“Sorry… yes…  please follow me ” They leave the breakfast room. everyone left relaxes.

Five minutes later the door opens and Reuben enters everyone stops and stares ” What ? ” he says irritated
“have you nothing better to do than stare a bears!”

“It’s uncanny ” says Gertie and they all laugh
Gunther goes over to Reuben  ” Reuben say ‘ na there canna ”
Reuben gives him a steely look ” I most certainly will not! What kind of talk is that? Na Canna? have the Scots invaded? ” he turns away picks up a book then leaves giving them all a superior look as he does.

Gunther returns to Gertie
” It’s like he’s been cloned!” says Hugo
“What’s cloned !” asks Gertie
“It’s when aliens make someone just like you but nasty !” tells Hugo with relish
“A A Aliens?.. ” trembles Gertie ” They’re aliens!”
Gunther pats her shoulder ” Don’t listen to him , he’s been watching too many films ! ”  he gives Hugo a stern look but Hugo just grins ” I’m sure there’s a perfectly sensible reason that there are two cantankerous bears who look just like each other one from Scotland and the other from England !” all the other bears stare at him “What!”

Some time later when the rooms empty of bears and children, Jamie is resting with a book, he’s not reading just relaxing after his long journey across the country to safety.

He still cannot quite let his guard down.

Suddenly he’ quiet is disturbed by the arrive of a reddish pink bear ” Ruby I thought you were sleeping? ”
The bear carrying the book pauses then hurries across the room.

The bear jumps up beside him, seeing his mistake Jamie too pauses !
“What did you call me? ” Demands the bear
Deciding to be careful Jamie replies ” I called you Ruddy !”
The little bear looks disappointed but continues ” What are you doing here? aren’t you an NP boy? ”
“I suppose I am ” says Jamie ” I’m Jamie and you are ? ”

“Trapped!” says Reuben looking down and sighing ” I should be out looking for Np girls but no I’m trapped here with Hattie and these ignorant bears!”
“That’s a bit hard ” Jamie says ” why do you need to be out looking for  Np girls? ”
” Because I need to find the most beautiful one and go home with her ”
“Why? ” ask Jamie bemused ” Why the most beautiful? ”

Reuben looks up at him with the saddest eyes Jamie’d ever seen ” Because that’s whose got my sister !” Reuben shudders ” We were two tiny bear cubs playing happily in the toy shop when a woman arrives with her child, she looked at all the dolls and chose one , I could barely see as we were standing as still as we could , but I just managed to catch a glimpse of blonde hair, much like your own in colour” he studies Jamie’s badly cut hair ” Don’t ask ” says Jamie , Reuben nods in understanding then continues his tale ” when they are about to leave , the child says she wants her doll to have a bear! ” Reuben trembles as the old memories fill him , he voice now barely more than a whisper ” she comes over to the shelf where we had been playing , I was half hidden by a big jack in a box but Ruby, she was sitting out by the very edge !……” he pauses lost in his memories Jamie waits
“Then the child’s hand reaches out and picks up Ruby ! She turns away saying ,this one please! I rushed forward and threw myself off the shelf and landed with a thud on the floor…. they all turned round and the owner picked me up and showed me to them ….. I held my breath would she take me too……” Reuben’s voice is but a trace of sound as he finishes ” no… they turned away and Ruby was gone….. ”

Unable to look at Jamie, Reuben stares down at the sofa ” That is why I seek the most beautiful of NP girl’s so that one day I may find my twin sister ”
Jamie wipes his eyes without Reuben seeing and takes a deep breath to clear the lump in his throat ” I … ” it comes out strangled he coughs  ” I just need to go get someone ” He tells Reuben.

Hurrying towards the door Jamie orders Reuben not to go anyway! Reuben watches him leave.

Reuben sighs and tries to shake off the memories, picks up his book and reads while he waits for the boy to return pondering why it is that Mrs Mum always seems to find the waifs! Why can she not buy a nice most beautiful NP and then maybe he’d get his sister back!

It’s not long before Jamie’s back being followed by someone who is yawning and grumbling at the same time.
” I was havin a lovely dream! This had best not be like last time you said you’d found him and I was confronted by that thing you’d made that had one eye down by his mouth and his nose all twisted ! ” barely pausing for breath the voice continued ” and it was ORANGE Jamie ORANGE Ma brother would no be ORANGE! ”
Reaching the sofa Jamie just says one word ” LOOK!”

Shocked Reuben sits frozen while the little reddish pink bear jumps up beside him
“Well I never !” she exclaims ” Would youse look at that!”

She looks up at the grinning Jamie ” Why it’s just like me, ya ken ! But my eye’s are smaller , see ” she flutters them at Jamie.” But a grand job all the same.. ya didna make this ya self? ”
Jamie laughs

“What ya laughing for lad? did youse get that Hattie girl to make him? If so she’s a verra talented lassie  !”

Suddenly Reuben recovers from his shock ” Ruby is that you ? ” he asks in wonder
Ruby falls back with a cry ” eeek ! ma god !” shaking Ruby whispers ” Ruddy? Ruddy am a dreamin ? ”

Then they are squeezing each other tight in a bear hug and all that can be heard is weeping and questions too unintelligible to understand or be answered their sobs so strong.

Jamie sits and waits , wiping away a few tears himself and sniffing.

It’s a long time before the twins can bring themselves to sit apart. Ruby asks ” Did you no look for me Ruddy ? I was waiting so long for youse to come !”
“Oh Ruby I have never stopped looking but whenever I found a beautiful blonde NP girl you were nowhere to be seen !”
” Blonde NP girl? ” repeats Ruby ” Ya daft ha’peth ! it were no a lassie I was with but himself  Jamie ! ”
“Pardon!” a stunned Reuben mutters ” It was a girl with glorious blonde hair, I was there I saw her , it’s burned in my brain ”
Giggling Ruby answers ” It was Jamie, I’ve never been the bear of any other, only Jamie, he did have the most beautiful hair once !”
“Well I never !” say Reuben
” Na ya didna !” Ruby adds!” Now come along and meet ma sweet lad Jamie ”

Jamie finds himself with two almost identical bears sitting on his lap, they spend sometime talking about how Jamie and Ruby came to live a large part of their early life together up in the highlands and then in Northumberland.

It had been an emotional couple of hours, Jamie’d noticed Edward look round the door a while back then
shoo people and bears away. He was sure the little Panda was out there now standing guard.

Resting his head back Jamie lets the little bears words wash over him as they start to catch up on where they have been and what’s happened to them over the years they’ve been apart.

Who would have believed that in coming to the Sasha Village that Ruby would find her long lost twin brother , it’s a small world indeed.

Jamie rests and listens but soon he’ll need to move, he’s legs are beginning to cramp and he could really murder a cheese and onion roll and a cup of tea !



Back when Reuben arrived from the house of  Kingaby NP girl heaven , Ruby was already here ! I had bought her a few months before. Reuben who was as you all know appalled to arrive in a non Np household made quite a fuss about trying to get back into such a house of NP’s.
The story line above has been ticking away on the back burner for the last few years waiting for the opportunity to be told and resolved, yes it’s been in my head for that long. The fact that Reuben was searching for his twin sister who was owned by an NP girl being why he was determined to live with one himself.
All I needed was to put the end together but it was forever being left, then this week when I had planned to go and take some photo’s in the woods, I decided to wait for Jamie to arrive in the post and the as I drove to the woods, Lindsey was with me and I started to discuss with her Reuben’s love hate relationship with NP dolls and why , which made me realise that I should have taken Ruby with me as this was now the right time to  resolve and finish this storyline!
No I did not turn round and go get her, I improvised 🙂 and had Percy and Gunther appear with her the next day.

And so finally Reuben’s story as been told and maybe you now all understand why he was so mean and nasty 🙂 that’s not to say he’s a new lovely bear but hopefully he’ll be not quite so rude…… hopefully…..

Dee xx


The household are still in bed when a certain newcomer lets himself out of the front door.

Jamie is carefully shutting the front door trying not to make a sound. Suddenly someone coughs ! He freezes!

turning slowly he looks behind him…

He can just make out one of the boys and bears who found him yesterday.

“Going somewhere ? ” asks Gunther with a big grin , the boy Percy looks tired.

” I left something in the woods, I need to go get .. mm it ” says Jamie
“It’s okay ” says Percy looking up ” Gunther knew there was someone else there, so we went out early this morning to get them ”

” She was very tired , so she’s in my hood ”

“You should have told us!” says Gunther sternly ” she’s been out all night alone!”
“Jamie looks sad ” I did not know if it was safe! You could have been as bad as the people we escaped from!”
Gunther relaxes his shoulders ” True you did not know, but now you do and we have saved you a trip and brought your companion home to you !”

Jamie goes to Percy’s hood and strokes the the head peeping from it ” Hello you ” he says softly
The head ignores him, he tries again ” I see you have found an interesting way to arrive ”
A small black eye looks at him ” No thanks to you! ”

Jamie looks pleadingly at the black eye that’s staring at him accusingly ” I could not bring you in until I knew it was safe, you know that…. don’t you.. ”
The eye blinks and a big fat tear appears and rolls down a furry cheek ” I .. I.. know.. but it was so dark when you left me !”

Gunther was about to interrupt as he wanted his breakfast and to tell the others of Percy and his adventure and rescue of Jamie’s companion but decided it was best to wait a moment longer.

“So… ” says the voice getting stronger ” Is it safe? are we to stay? ”
“Yes and Yes ” replies Jamie brightening ” and are you to be forgiving me and coming out of poor tired Percy’s hood? ”

Suddenly Percy’s hood is nice and light and Jamie hands are full of reddish pink fur !
” Your bear looks very familiar ” says Percy trying to work out why
” Really , for sure my bear is one of a kind! ” laughs Jamie.
” Lovely Lovely ” says Gunther heading towards the door ” There are honey sandwiches , muffins and hot mead with our names on, lets get inside before all those others scoff the lot!”

Percy and Gunther race inside both talking at once to try and be the first with their tale. Jamie finds himself alone with his bear,
It’s snuggling so close he can just about breathe !
” I’m sorry I left you ” he whispers into the fur ” I’ll never do it again, I did not sleep a wink last night for worrying about you !”

The little bear snorts ” I could hear ya snoring from them woods ! it was so loud!”
Jamie grins with relief his bear was back to its’ cantankerous old self ” and you can stop that grinning lad and find me some food, those pair hardly bought enough to fill ma big toe never mind ma belly!”
Laughing Jamie carries his hungry bear inside , he hopes they have set a large table of food for breakfast!


The message had been clear… Come to Langley , need help, come alone…

“They are never going to sneak up on anyone making that racket!” says Gunther
“Aye laddie you’ll no be wrong there!” sighs Sir Walter.

“How does that song go? ” asks Percy
“Which one? ” questions Erik
“The one about wandering”

“Oh ” says Erik ” You mean” and he starts to sing ” I love to go a wandering along the mountain track!”
“No that’s not the one ” cuts in Percy ” and we’re in the woods not the mountains !”

Sir Walter shakes his head in disbelief ” I don’t know why they did not just bring a picnic and the girls ! with the amount of noise they are making!”
Gunther nods in agreement

“We’d best catch up with them before they get in trouble” Sir Walter starts to climb off the fallen tree .

Finally the boys go quiet and start paying attention to what’s around them.

Meanwhile up ahead they are being watched .

The boys stop ” I think we’re meant to turn here and head towards that second tree ”

“Youre sure it was the second tree? ” asks Erik
“Yes, second right look for the fallen tree, wait and I’ll come ” confirms Percy ” That’s what the message said”

It’s like a herd of elephants ! thinks the watching boy

“Maybe we should have brought more of our brothers! What if it’s a trap!” says Erik quietly
“He said to come alone and there’s two of us, four if you count Gunther and Sir Walter ”
“Well if he wants to be saved , he’s got to take what’s on offer !” says Erik getting irritated


“Second tree on the right ” says Erik ” Can you see anyone? ”

Gunther calls down softly from the branch he’s on ” No but I feel like we are being watched!”

“I’l have a look round the back ” says Erik moving carefully to the tree trunk.

“Can you see anyone? ” whispers Percy, Sir Walter stand ready to combat any trouble.

“No ” says Erik sounding disappointed ” No one !”

Silently someone appears up in the tree.

“Could you not have made more noise!” a voice suddenly demands

Erik jumps back from the tree trunk and looks up

“Said only for ONE person to come get me, not a circus! ” said the boy angrily

“You should perhaps not bite the hands that save you ” says Gunther softly from his place on the branch near the stranger.

“Yes ” calls out Erik ” you asked us to come save you, we did not have to come!”

The boy turns his head and Gunther catches the slight sheen of tears in his tired eyes.
“Be calm lad ” he says softly ” you are safe now or will be soon. I can see the journey’s taken it’s toll on you, lets get down and start the way home ”
The boy shudders and nods , taking a deep steadying breath and starts down the tree.

Part way out of the woods the boys have to stop so their new friend can rest, he’s very tired from being on the run for so long and he’s also hungry.The rescue party feel bad as they did not bring any food.

“What happened to your hair? ” asks Erik

The boy shudders slightly ” I was tortured ” Erik and the others gasp in shock ” They gave a child some sharp scissors and left me with her ”
Everyone sits shocked at his barely heard words, his voice so quiet ” But I did not talk…. no I did not ”

Gunther comes and sits by the boy ” Youre safe now , Mrs Mum will take care of you and never let anyone hurt you again”
The boy almost smiles but not quite ” I heard tell of Mrs Mum and the Sasha village which is why I headed this way then sent the message when I realised we’d not make it without some help ”
“We? ” asks Gunther
” We? ” says the boy ” I meant me…I’m so tired  and so hungry !”

Gunther nods and smiles but he’s heard something out in the woods following behind them as they’ve headed back towards the road. He decides not to say anything , he’ll come back later and check it out but first they need to get the lad home, so he can eat and rest.

Soon the woods are once again empty and quiet  … save for the soft sound of some one sobbing………” Jamie…..” a small voice sobs