Paige and Edward have been allowed to attend , as long as they do not try to make any bids!

” Miss Paige”  says Edward climbing on to her shoulder, to get a better view” I cannot see Oakey! I hope he is well”

“I am sure he will be fine” Paige reassures Edward ” He will be looking forward to seeing who will be his new special Sasha or Gregor”

” I would just like to get a look at them ” worries Edward ” Just to be sure”

” I understand” says Paige

” Woo” sighs Paige as the lovely pink dress set by Catherine French is held up so everyone can see before the bidding starts…Where did mum put her number?? she wonders….

Meanwhile Toby as again been left to his own company and again he’s gone out to look around Stratford!

He wanders into the town and comes across some statue’s of people from Shakespeare.

Being Toby he climbs up onto the statue so he can get a closer look ” Mm it’s says Hamlet, is he the one that says two pea’s or not two peas, answer the question!” he calls out at the top of his voice!


“Lady Macbeth!  do you know that you have not got your shoes on? Is that why you have such a sad face, are your feet cold?”

Lady Macbeth ignores him so he wanders off.

” I’m sorry Mr Falstaff I cannot hear a word of what you are saying” calls Toby from down by the statue’s feet” Hold on, I’ll come up!”

“Tobias Montague Owen ! Are you meant to be out on your own?!” Falstaff appears to say

” Of course ” says Toby ” My Mum know’s exactly where I am”

The statue appears to laugh, knowingly

” Well she thinks I’m in the hotel which is where I’ll be soon” confirms Toby getting down and wandering off.

He’d best hope he is back before his mum returns.