A couple more of the Dress a Sasha comp.

This was Dawn Law’s entry which won it’s group.

The above two entry’s were placed due to lack of space on a false window ledge and another entry of a baby in a tree ( Not sure what rhyme that was) was placed on a chair. I do believe that all these entries must have missed out on votes due to them being in odd places, that people would have walked by not knowing which group they were in. I must confess that I was confused when voting and so were others. But all the entry’s were so good and of such a high standard.

The above two pictures are of the left (top) and right ( above) of a mural that was on the wall of the room that all the talks and meeting were held in.

The above two pictures are of shoes made by Rosie Bloomfield ie: Rosie’s Blooms shoes. Rosie gave a talk on how to make shoes, she started to make her own when very Sasha she bought had only one or no shoes, so she took one apart and used it as a template to make some. After a bit of trial and error she make her first pair and as not looked back. Having started with standard Sasha shoes, Rosie now makes wonderful shoes in all colours.

We were all given the instruction’s on how to make a pair of shoes, so if we can remember exact what she said and did,there may be lots of weird and wonderful creations appearing in the next few months, or years in my case!

Here is someone’s Sasha in a smart dress, hat and coat ( on chair)

Another smart outfit.

A Sasha in a lovely smocked dress.

Another great outfit, love the cat face pocket.

This is Hattie in her bright outfit at the Dinner.Everyone had their dolls standing on the table until one fainted and knocked another over and a full glass of wine was dumped into someone’s lap! Then they all went under the table or onto a shelf for safety’s sake! The Gregor who had fainted recovered almost immediately!

A view of some of my table companions. The hostess on my table was Rosie Shortell and her gift was a set of note cards in a bag of places in Stratford upon Avon and there was a Sasha sized bag with note cards too! And this is where we also received a pair of union jack trainers, which turned out to be the start of a full track outfit.

At the dinner a talk was given by the surprise guest of Anna Doggart the daughter of the people who owned and ran the Factory in the UK that made all the beautiful dolls. Her mother and her had been given various hand made Sasha’s from the artist over time and she bought these beautiful dolls for us all to see and take pictures of.

It was a bit of a free for all! so pictures are not perfect.

In her talk Anna also showed some slides, I took pictures of the screen from my chair with my little camera, they are blurred but you can make out the figures on them.

There were also some boards with pictures of Sasha’s that Anna had brought with her.

I will add the pictures of Maria Morgan’s studio dolls in next post.This post is meant to be on the festival page but still trying to figure this out. Should by some miracle I discover some computer savvy I will move it to the other page but don’t hold your breath!