Now one thing I would say to anyone attending their first festival is save save save!  from the moment you pay to attend get saving!

I did intend to do this but several Sasha’s Gregor’s and clothing etc. leapt in my path and anyone who reads these posts will know I am not easily swayed from my course…….UNLESS it’s a Sasha with a pretty face or a Gregor with a cheeky one and don’t get me started on beautiful fabric’s turned into exquisite clothing……

However I did manage to hang on to a few pounds to be spent at the festival but I would save and take a lot more if I ever attend another……….

So first I will start with the treasure received by attending the festival, other blogger’s will have told you how we received the full UK sports kit, so I will just show you a picture of my stash.


My set came in the red but other’s got a blue set or a white set.I loved how we   received a piece at a time building to the final part of track suit and bag with medal

Next I come to the hostess table gifts. I was fortunate to be on Rosie Stortell’s table for dinner so received her beautiful set of Stratford upon Avon note-lets with a matching set for Hattie. One of my table companions was Gayle who gave each of us an American girl bag which came in handy for my clan to take their goodies home in. I had taken some of the hats that I make and sell on Ebay and passed round a bag for people to take one that took their fancy.

Andrea of the doll works was my table hostess for the brunch and she gave us all a baby dress or romper set.

When we had brunch on the last morning, for those not staying over to go to Dawn’s. On the table was sitting the above shown box which contained our tracksuit, bag and medal. But at the end of the meal Dawn asked us to look at the bottom of the box to see if It had a letter on it.

Much to my surprise and delight my box did, so I waited while everyone was checking and then Dawn asked for the person who had the letter on the bottom to hold it up, which I did turning to see who else had one, expecting to see one on every table but It appeared that I had the one and only lettered box and I was delighted to receive a very special gift to remember my first festival by, the year and it’s importance in the United Kingdom history .

A commemorative coin celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Now on to my treasure that I bought with the cash I had managed to save for the festival.

I bought these two dresses from Shelia, they are made with Japanese linen and the one on the left is in a wizard of Oz design which I loved when I saw it on a Sasha, whose picture I have already shown and I saw the black cat pinafore on Shelia’s Sasha and loved it also , so I was very happy to find both available on her sale table.

I purchased the above shown Beret and blouse from Ruth Hartley’s table where I could have spent a fortune , if I’d had one and also if People had not got there before me! I did find myself at a few table’s silently willing people to put things down so that I might snap them up !!! But alas my mind powers were absent and I just had to watch them go out of reach, which was probably just as well, or I would have had to live on beans on toast for the month of July, fine with me but don’t think the DH would have been too happy!

 My first purchase at the sale was this beautiful waistcoat by Catherine French. In truth I could have just stopped at her table and handed over every penny I had for her fabulous knit wear but Catherine’s was the first table I had come to and I did not know what other treasure was to be had, so reluctantly I purchased just this one item but would have dearly loved more.

Having seen Catherine’s donation’s to the children’s auction, we had joked with her that she must knit with sewing needles and cobweb’s, she said that she used size 23 needles made by her husband and to think I moan if I have to use! And I know if I even tried to sit and knit this in 4ply for a Gregor my DH would start asking where was the one I promised him over twenty years ago! and I may well find my Gregor’s living in a tent in the garden having been banished from the marital home!!

Look at these lovely girls! I purchased them for only £5.00 from Kendal ! If only I could purchase the Sasha’s pictured for that amount I’d be dancing on air ! I shall study these picture’s well so that should I come across some dirty tatty haired doll at a car boot ( I need to start going to them first which would help) or second hand shop, I’ll be able to see beneath the layers to the treasure within…….

From Kendal I also bought a laptop which my clan had been asking for for months, so they were very happy when it appeared from the bag.

Now this item was my over spend. When I saw this on Chris and Christina Meatyards Sale table I just had to have it! My DH is  a carpenter and joiner by trade although he does not work on the tools any more but years ago I bought him a belt just like this one, so when I saw it I knew It would be great for one of the Boy’s and this one came with all these handy tools.

 And here is Percy who wants to be just like his dad and make things from wood. Now he just need’s a project ! I believe that one will be turning up very shortly……

and here are Bell and Percy safely back from their restringing adventure which was another thing that I spent my money on, but by taking them to Brenda at the festival it saved on the cost of special delivery postage one way and we all know that Sasha lover’s need to save pennies where they can because just round the corner may be another Sasha in need of a loving home !