Toby and Zak have caught the Olympic bug after watching Bradley Wiggin’s win his gold medal in the cycling time trials. They decide that they want to be Olympic cyclist’s and set up to do a time trial.



“Right” says Toby ” I’ll go first. Four times round the rose garden. Have you got the watch?”



” Yes ” replies Zak ” I’ve got Mum’s”


” Get ready! ” commands Zak ” GO”



Toby makes a good start and is soon back and going round for the second then third time.



Then it all goes very quiet and Zak watches as time slips by and still no sign of Toby!



Meanwhile Toby’s stopped to refuel…himself!!


 Duncan comes across Zak looking worried

“What’s wrong?” he asks.

” Toby is doing his cycling time trial and I have not seen him for at least..” He looks at the watch ” Ten minutes! I wonder if he’s hurt himself!” “Come on, lets go look for him” says Duncan following the route Toby was last seen on.


They soon discover Toby munching away, his bike laying forgotten.

“TOBY” cries Zak ” What are you doing? ”

Bewildered by Zak’s cry he  replies ” I’m having a break for some lunch! Why what’s wrong?”

Duncan rolls his eye’s ” Toby I thought you were doing a time trial?”


“Well that means you are supposed to keep cycling as hard and as fast as you can over the route until you finish ! You don’t stop for a bite to eat in the middle”

” But I’ve been cycling really hard and I was starving!” exclaims Toby ” I don’t think much of this time trial cycling if a boy cannot even stop for a minute to catch his breath and have a sandwich!”

Zak looks longingly at what’s left of Toby’s lunch ” I’m going back in to get some lunch ” He states.


“Wait for me ” call’s Toby ” I’m still hungry! that was barely a snack!”

They all make their way back to the house.


“Just one more thing ” says Duncan before they go in “What an earth have you got on your faces?”


“These are our Bradley Wiggin’s sideburns” states Toby with pride

“Yes we made them with sellotape and some of Mum’s wool” adds Zak

” Well I hope it does not hurt when you pull them off”  worries Duncan

Toby and Zak look at each other , they’d not even thought about what would happen when they removed them.

” I think I’ll go see Mum ” says Zak ” She’ll know what to do”

the boy’s hurry off to see Mum completely forgetting that a moment ago their stomachs were rumbling. Duncan goes off to tell his brothers and sisters what Toby and Zak have been up to.