Toby and Zak have been allowed to go with Mum and Dad to visit Aunty Kim, while the adults are inside talking the two boy’s venture into Aunty Kim’s large garden.

“WOW” says Toby ” Look at this great windmill!”

“It’s Big” reply’s Zak watching the sails move around.

” I bet it’s just like a ride at the fun fair spinning round on the sails” exclaims Toby

“No ” says Zak ” It would be scary,I  think ”

Then before he can add any more Toby dashes forward…

Toby leaps onto the sail that’s just passing!

” Woo Hoooo” Yells Toby in excitement as the sail starts turning.

“TOBY COME DOWN ” cries Zak

“OH NO! ” Zak cries as Toby looks like he is about to slip off the sail.

“HANG ON TOBY ” yells Zak watching as the sail reaches the top.

“Oooo” cries Toby as the sail swings round.

Zak runs to the other side of the windmill holding out his hands.

“I’LL CATCH YOU TOBY “he cries, but suddenly the wind gusts and the sails spin very fast and…….

the sails of the windmill are torn from the mill and land with a loud thud at the side, Zak is horrified ” Toby ? ” he whispers..

By some miracle Toby is still hanging onto the sail! His eyes tightly closed.

Zak helps a stunned Toby find his way off the sail.

” Just a bit further ” encourages Zak

Two shaky little boys give each other a hug, While catching their breath.

Seeing the damaged sails, the two boys, somewhat wobbly, set off to put some space between them and the windmill.

They vanish round the corner into another part of the garden ” We’ll say we were playing over by the dovecote ” Says Toby ” We never went near the windmill! We’ll say what windmill?”

Unfortunately for Toby Mum watched everything from the kitchen window, her heart in her mouth!  A certain young man is about to be grounded…possibly for life!!!!