Hattie was very surprised to receive a parcel in the week from her friends from the Festival Miranda and Florence.

“Mmm” says Hattie ” I wonder what they have sent me?”

Inside is a lovely letter from the girl’s.

 ” Oh ” says Hattie in wonder ” Fingerless lace gloves! Helena Loves Fingerless lacy gloves !”

Hattie cannot believe her eyes! A Bonham Carter satin,velvet and lace Dress!!!
Within minute’s ,She’s thrown off her dress and is Parading round in the new one sent by her good friends Miranda and Florence.

” Look mum Look at my lovely Helena Dress, It’s so beautiful ” she sings dancing round the room.

Suddenly she stops and looks at her shoes  ” These will never do ” she cries rushing off…

she returns within moments..

“That’s better” she says ” I really need long black boots but  Duncan’s school shoes will do for now! “

” maybe the tights are a bit loud and hot?” questions Mum , Hattie just looks back with distain .” My dear friends Miranda and Florence ” says Hattie theatrically ” You must Tell your Dear dear Mother That she is a saint nay an Angel to have helped you to make this lovely dress for me, I shall wear it forever! “