“Hattie I need you to come and model some hats ” says Mum

” Mm ” says Mum ” you will have to change back into that nice dress with the flowers ”



” But Mum I promised Miranda and Florence that I would wear this lovely dress forever!”
“Well I’m sorry Hattie but it does not go with the hats and if you want your Mini you’ll have to change” states Mum
When Mum goes off to get the Camera Hattie says ” Florence, Miranda I have to change because the wicked witch of the south..”
” I heard that” calls Mum from the other room
” Says ” she whispers ” That I must change But be assured I will wear it whenever I get the chance in honour of my dear dear Helena”
“Hattie” calls Mum ” have you changed yet?”
When Mum comes back Hattie is wearing……..just her pants and a hat!
” Harriet Owen! ” gasps Mum ” Get some clothes on now or there will be no more hats!”
Hattie decides she’d best get dressed quick before Mum keeps her promise!
” Well I suppose that will have to do ” says Mum looking at Hattie’s spots and stripes ” Come along I have asked Mitzi to help model “
” Now girl’s Sort out which hats you want to model while I set up the camera ” says Mum
Hattie starts with the new button design.
Mitzi surprise surprise as gone for the Pinks.
A long hot and sticky time later the hats have all been photographed.
“Well done girls” says Mum ” you have been so good, I think you both deserve an ice cream “
“HURRAH!” they yell dashing indoors to raid the freezer.