“Where’s Mum?” asks Mitzi ” I thought you said pictures were needed of the new hats?”
” Yes We do need pictures of the new hats ” confirmed Hattie.

” Now Let me just adjust your hat to the best position ” says Hattie straightening Mitzi’s hat

” What are you doing with that camera? ” questions Mitzi suspiciously

“I am going to be taking the photo’s” declares Hattie ” we don’t need to ask mum, it’s easy ”

Mitzi’s not so sure but she decides Hattie may know what she’s doing.

“Ok ” Hattie mumbles ” Stand still and don’t move while I start ”

“What are you doing?”

Hattie who is now laying down replies ” We want artistic shots not boring old things like mum takes! ”

“That’s it ” cries Hattie ” wave as if someone you know is over there”
Mitzi does as she’s told

Mmm nice top

Lovely pair of Jean Jensen sandals..

Oh a new angle…but still no hat???

At last! Well nearly…

” Finished “say’s Hattie ” that went well . I’ll go and put them on the computer ”
” But what about the rest?” asks Mitzi
” What rest?” queries Hattie
” The other hats? You need to take photo’s of them too!”
” Oh” sighs Hattie ” I have not got time to do the others, You’ll have to ask mum ” and with that she walks away.


Mitzi sighs and goes to look for Mum at least she gives her model’s some ice cream or a nice biscuit for all the standing around !