Mitzi is Ironing a DollyDoodles t shirt for one of the boys.




Mitzi likes Ironing t shirts and getting the little creases out.




” Hello Mitzi” says Hattie coming in.” I have something for you”
” Oh What? ”

” Let’s put away the Iron and Board first ” Hattie helps with the board while Mitzi puts the iron out of harms way on the side.

” Why have you bought me a present?” questions Mitzi looking at the large shopping bag that Hattie’s placed before her.
” It’s just a little something to say Thank you for all your help with the modelling of the hats” replies Hattie

Mitzi pulls out a lovely babooshka dress ” Oh ” sighs Mitzi ” It’s so lovely and my favourite colour pink!”

” Thank you thank you thank you Hattie ” she cries pulling Hattie into a hug.
” That’s Ok ” mumbles Hattie embarrassed ” Careful your’ll crush your new dress”

Mitzi holds the dress up excitedly ” Look Hattie Isn’t it lovely, shall I try it on?”

” What it is , is very pink! ” States Hattie ” And yes try it on ”
Mitzi rushes off.

Within minutes she back , spinning round to show Hattie all of the dress from all angles.
Hattie smiles, secretly pleased that Mitzi loves it.

” Now” warns Hattie ” you must not tell the other’s that I bought you this for doing the modelling or they will all expect me to buy them dresses ! Anyone else will have to make do with Mum’s biscuits! OK? ”

” OK ” replies Mitzi ” But I can say you bought it for me ”
Hattie’s not sure, she does not want the others to think she’s getting soft! ” Well Mum paid half so just say Mum bought it and I helped ”
” Oh I must thank mum too ” says Mitzi.


“Mmm” wonders Mitzi ” Do you think Hattie will let me wear my new dress when I model her hats?” She follows Hattie upstairs to check…