Toby, Zak and Dominic and out wandering in the garden….

“Why are you still wearing that brace on your neck?” asks Dominic
” Because it hurt when I spun round on the windmill at Aunty Kim’s ” replies Toby

” It helps to stop it hurting ”

“It was weeks ago ” states Zak crossly ” And mum says she going to take you up the hospital if you still need it next week!”

Toby does not like the sound of that, so within seconds he’s removed it ” I could probably be OK without it now” he says hurriedly.
Just then they hear the faint sound of a girl’s voice ” Whose that?” whispers Zak
“No idea ” replies Toby” lets go and see”.

Three dark heads look round the edge of the Lychgate.

” I don not know how much longer we are expected to wait ” The girl mutters.

” Hello “says all the boy’s rounding the corner and approaching the girl.
“At last!” cries the girl ” I have been waiting here for ages”

“Why are you down here at the bottom of the garden? ” questions Toby
” Because the man came round the wrong way and then said I did not have enough money to go any further and he took all my things and placed them here! I have been calling and waiting for ages for someone to come”

“Well we are here now, My names Toby what’s your’s? ”
“Arabella it’s nice to meet you” says Arabella politely

“Harry Fella! ” Exclaims Toby “What sort of names that! Are you one of them girly boys?”

“Pardon me !” Arabella replies sternly ” What an earth is a girly boy?”
” I dont know ! ” says Toby ” but with a name like Harry fella I thought you would!”

” My name is not Harry fella IT’s  A.R.A.B.E.L.L.A ! ” say Arabella pronouncing her name loudly and clearly.

Suddenly Arabella puts her head down and hugs her little dog ” Oh Fifi what’s happened to us !We have come to live with commoners! ” a tear drops from her eye and splashes the little dogs head.

Toby feel’s bad for upsetting his new sister Arabella, he moves forward and pats her back awkwardly
” It’s all right Har…Arabella I was just playing, honest, that’s what we do ,we play with each other! I did not mean to upset you….and we aint..I mean we are not commoners..we’re poor but that’s because mum keeps adopting Us,  Sasha’s and Gregor’s ” he explains quickly.

” Come on I’ll take you to mum and she’ll settle you in and you can meet all the other’s ” coaxes Toby

Arabella perks up ” So you were just playing? with me ”
“Yes” says Toby
“Oh ” sighs Arabella ” No one’s played with me in a long long time”
” Well you’ll probably wish you was back being unplayed with soon, once Mum starts ” grins Toby
” Oh No ” exclaims Arabella smiling ” It will be fun to be played with again ”

Taking Arabella’s arm Toby leads her towards the house calling over his shoulder to Zak and Dominic to bring the cases etc.
” How does he do that ?” demands Zak ” leave us with all these things to carry while he swans off! ”
” It’s a skill” Dominic says sagely

Toby stops and introduces Arabella to Drago the dragon on their way pass.

“Now Tobias ” says Arabella ” what did you call me back there Harry? ”
” Yes ” mumbles Toby
” Well I may like to be called Harry But only when we are playing and only in fun not nastily! ”

“Now I think about it, years ago my friends The Shrimp and Joanna called me that, it will be fun to be called that again now and then ” confides Arabella ” Now does Mum have feather mattresses? and Hot chocolate when we go to bed in the cold weather and what about…..”