Now  one of the main attractions at the Sasha Festival was the Raffle for a Blonde Gregor complete with all that he would need for his journey and stay at boarding school. It was won by a very stunned and excited lady from Germany and there were many disappointed ticket holders but It would appear that this raffle sowed a seed.

Here is a reminder of William Dickens and all his lovely clothing and accessories.I was informed by the maker of this wonder that all the items seen in photo would fit into the two trunks, William of course not included.

Now the seed was sown into the minds of those who attended and some who did not and as I type there are people up and down the country and possibly abroad in the process of making up their own version of this.

When I was at my friend Gill’s recently I took the following photo’s of  the beginnings of her boarding school collection.

Here is one of her lad’s in his school uniform with satchel and to the side his trunk and violin case.I must say that in this photo he does look more like he’s off to the local school not quite as neat as William.I do love seeing the Gregor’s in school uniform.


And here his brother show’s off the cricket whites.

Now I know of some else who is doing a Sasha off to boarding school and it makes me wonder how many other’s out there have also decided to follow this theme. I know Hattie was looking into sending Toby until she was reliably informed that he would return for all the school holiday’s which are longer than state school holiday’s and they would not keep him until 18 then ship him off to uni!

I must confess that I was also inspired by this raffle prize and have started my own collection but so far only have a pair of grey shorts and trouser’s a pair of white cricket trousers and a cricket sweater, oh and a satchel at the rate I am going my lad will have moved out and got married before I am anywhere near sending him off!