Seeing Ellen Church’s girl’s in red reminded me that I had purchased  a few red dresses for my girl’s intending to use them at Christmas for a festive look. So I went and looked for them.

Dorcas and Callie my red slate eyed girl’s offered to model the first two I managed to find. The red and Black is by an ebay seller skibniewska_1960 and the plaid by Lesley of Special delivery on US E bay who makes beautiful smocked dresses .


Then I kept looking and managed to find another two.


Now we have Nancy a FCP Blonde and Bonnie a re root joining in. Bonnie’s tartan dress is by ebay seller snuzz1mich62 who happens to be my sister and I cannot remember who made Nancy’s lovely cord dress.

Now I was sure I had more red dresses but maybe not as I cannot find any others! So I may have been drawn away from my quest onto other things……..which I must say is very easily done if it’s to do with Sasha but now I have been reminded I will have to keep my eye’s open for a few more…..unless I see something else that takes my fancy……