The village came to a big stand still today while everyone watched the parade for the Team GB and Para Team GB in London.

First just the twins, Ethan and Tristan were watching and waving their Team GB Fingers!

Ethan could not keep still and was jumping up and down waving and cheering the parade.

All the noise attracted some of the others and a small group gathered.

Ethan could not believe it when Claire Balding spoke to Tom Daley his hero, he had to get up close and then it was hard to get him to move back!

The boy’s loved seeing the helicopter’s flying past.

Much to the other boy’s annoyance Ethan insisted in pointing at everything on the screen.

He thought it was funny watching all the people turn facing the sky as the planes flew overhead,

When the Red Arrows appeared , the other’s shouting finally got Ethan to move back.

Lots of hooing and arring went on while the Red Arrows passed

Caused a slight worry when they all decided that maybe they would like to be Red Arrow Pilot’s but what about being Olympic cyclist, swimmers etc!!!! When Callie said why could they not do both! A big sigh of relief was heard and all the boy’s were again happily cheering!

Callie was very impressed seeing Princess Anne and Prince Edward and waved convinced that they were waving back at her! and not the athlete’s on the lorry.

Ethan dashed back up to the TV to point out a man he was sure was the man called Julian something or other who was supposed to be hiding in an embassy somewhere or other and demanded that someone call the police! It took a few minutes before he agreed that he was just an innocent man in the crowd.

Lots of noise in the room for Sarah Story and Sir Chris Hoy and demands for new bikes each so they can train hard!

Lots of the Athlete’s outside the Palace.

One of the Paralympian’s three medal’s one of each, Gold, Silver and Bronze, the kid’s were awestruck!


Once all the celebration’s are over the boy’s are outside on the bike and the scooter , Toby helping Morgan stay on, while Ethan gives Tristan a lift , making plan’s to compete against all comers for the glory of winning GOLD!