Ever since Violet went to East Ruston Vicarage without her sister Sapphire, the girl’s had been nagging to go to another famous garden together! Yesterday they got their wish when they were taken to Great Dixter the home of the Late Christopher Lloyd.

They were very impressed with these large groups of potted plants either side of the entrance to the house.

They made plans to pot up some plants when they got home and do the same at their house!

There were lots of long lovely paths bursting with flowers.

Being so small the girls had to keep calling out so they did not get lost!

“Look at this little gate ” called Sapphire to her sister ” They are using it to hold back the plants”

” These anemone’s are very pretty ” states Violet ” we should get Mum and Dad to put more in the garden ”

” Sapphire!” calls Violet ” come and see this lovely planting by this path”

” Oh Yes ” says Sapphire ” It is so pretty. I wonder where we could do the same at home?”

” Or ” says Sapphire getting completely carried away ” we could get Mum and Dad to buy this place , then we can have the run of these beautiful gardens!”

” OH No ” says Violet firmly ” I would not want to live here, all these people can wander round your garden all the time! No I want to be able to wander round our garden without all these strangers”

” We could let them in just once a year ” suggests Sapphire but Violet’s having none of it, her eyes are filled with plans to make her own garden bigger and better!

” I wonder if we could get Dad to build us one of these ? ” Violet asks Sapphire
” Oh Yes, lets ask him ”


Well the girl’s are very impressed with their visit to Great Dixter and poor Dad is being bombarded with hundreds of questions and Idea’s of what he should now do to their garden, with their help of course!

At least once back in the car they go quiet and only the odd question or request is heard from the back seat as they draw up plan’s for the complete revamp of the back garden!