After spending several hours going round the lovely garden’s of Great Dixter ,they head off for the coast and after a short stop in Rye , they finally stop in Hastings to have a walk on the beach.

The girl’s are fascinated by these very tall wooden shed’s that the fisherman store their nets in.

They think this one made from half of a boat is very clever.

Finally Violet and Sapphire get to sit on the beach and watch the tide.

They watch dad taking photo’s with his all singing and dancing camera.

They sit discussing all the lovely plants they have seen and tell each other of their idea’s for the garden back home…

” Come on Dad ” call the girls ” we want our fish and chips ”

On their way to get their Fish and chips they pass this fantastic pirate mini golf course complete with pirate ship! ” Wait till we tell Toby ” chorus the girl’s ” He’ll be so jealous that he did not see it ”

The girl’s have their meal and a must have ice cream cone and happily rest in the car going home.

The next day…..

Zak, Toby, Morgan and Dominic come across a small glass school milk bottle standing on the table.
” This is like the one that Simply Sasha’s kids are saving in ! ” exclaims Zak
” We could save in this one ” states Toby ” We need a pirate ship, let’s put our money in this ”
” I’d like a racing car ” States Dominic ” Or a video camera ” adds Morgan ” Or another bike? ” questions Zak

” Well if we all put our money in here we can get all of the things we want in no time! ” says Toby with authority.

The boy’s drop a few coins in and Morgan peers in the top ” There is loads of room It will take ages to fill”

” We’ll have million’s of pounds by the time we get to the top! ” Toby crows
” I don’t thing it will be millions ” says Zak ” but maybe thousands”

“What ” says Sapphire coming into the room ” are you boy’s doing with our bottle?”
” We are going to save in it and buy a pirate ship ” ” racing car” ” Video camera ” ” Bike and speed boat ”
” Speed boat, we did not agree on a speed boat ” queries Morgan
” But we’ll have thousands! We can get lots of things..we can get…”

” ….Your money out of our bottle ! Now !” finishes Sapphire

After a lot of grumbling and a small struggle with the two pence that someone put in, the bottle is empty of coins.
” Well what are you going to use it for? ” demand’s Toby.

Just then Violet arrives with her arms full of flowers from the garden.

She arranges them in the bottle.

“FLOWERS ! ” says Toby in disgust ” you are going to put flowers in it! we could have saved thousands in that bottle !  Come on ” he says to his brothers ” Let’s take our money and find something to save it in”

” I think they look lovely ” whispers Morgan as he  hurry’s  off after Toby


Pleased with their efforts the girl’s go in search of Dad, they want to put some pots grouped round the door thoughts of Great Dixter still fresh in their minds….