Morgan, yes he now is  just Morgan having had he’s overpayment finally returned after the thirty day wait! was happy to be with us but I felt he would need a blood sister or brother to help him settle in. So Macy  as arrived to keep him company.

I was actually looking for a Macy ( Cora) when I bought Morgan and although after I bought Morgan I had a strong urge to buy him a twin brother I managed to resist and therefore was able to buy Macy when I saw her on US ebay on a very good buy it now price.

Here’s Macy in her new outfit, she likes her new sister Hattie’s hats and decided that this one went well with her new outfit.

I do like these darker Cora’s and Macy is in almost Mint condition and came with her box and all it’s papers.

Here is a close up her  sweet face.

Well once I had finished taking pictures of Macy and it was starting to get a little dark Hattie insisted that
I take some pictures of some new style hats that she is putting on Ebay tomorrow.

They have a coloured centre crown with a large black edge and a matching flower, nice for these autumn days.

Hattie’s new outfit came from Shelly’s clothing page, it is by Susan ( Chirnside) a lovely pinafore with a cat print. She says that she needs to put a cardigan on now it’s starting to get colder, at least if she’s wearing black and white what she finds should match……..