Today is cold and wet, a day for staying in keeping warm and dry and doing other things. However in this house the heating decided to play up , so it is as cold inside as out !

 The room where most of them stand about chatting, gets very cold if the heating is not on , due to being on an external wall on corner of the house.You feel the temperature drop when you go in. So I have been bringing them all downstairs to the lounge/living room and also the breakfast area in the kitchen.
Now because I’m cold I decide that the Sasha’s and Gregor’s must also be cold! Especially those who have been up in the cold bedroom, so I have spend a few hours dressing them in nice warm clothes.
Here are the four boys who spent the night shivering in their dolly doodle shorts and T shirts !They have kept their DD, T shirts on but now have warm jeans and trousers and nice woollen sweater’s (or in Tristan’s case a fleece jacket) on to keep them warm. You can tell how cold it is by how warmly dressed they are!
Luckily we have a fire in the lounge and a portable heater but I figured it was better to bring them all into the warm that try to convince the DH that they needed a heater all to themselves!
There is still a week of September left! but it looks like the Autumn is going to be coming in cold. But for a Sashaphile that’s OK! We can  get out or buy all the lovely warm cardigan’s and sweaters , coats and hats, boots and jeggings out there to keep our clan’s all snug and warm and looking good for the coming Winter .
I just hope when the boiler is fixed , they don’t all start complaining that their too hot and it’s only September!!