Several of the girl’s have changed to warmer clothing for the autumn. These girl’s I will show today all decided to raid the Vintage Sasha clothing box and although today has been windy it’s quite warm, so I took them outside for a little fashion shoot.

First up is Claudia wearing a lovely outfit in deep pink and navy with a matching headband.She is wearing pink JJ sandals.

Claudia is a 1970 Sasha, she does have lots of thick hair but it does lose a few when brushed, so we very rarely brush.but she does have the most lovely deep brown eyes.

Ginnie chose this lovely purple set, here teamed with Rosie Bloomfield white sandals and yes I can hear you Kendal tutting that they should be a complimentary shade of purple but i forgot to change them before I took the pictures.


Tilly usually wears this outfit but Evie got in first! due to the sun! it appears lighter than it is, which is a lovely lilac. teamed with a pair of purple Jj’s.

Paige is wearing a set I purchased via Shelly’s, again the sun is lightening the colour which is a lovely lilac linen trouser and lilac pattern top.

I’m noticing a colour theme going on here! another lilac set! this time worn by Mitzi who in her role as Hattie Hat model as teamed it with a lilac hat and Jj sandals.

Bonnie is wearing a Dungaree set by Sarah that again I acquired from Shelly. I do love Sarah’s dungarees the shape is so nice and fits so well.

A closer look at the detail of the blouse pattern.

Sapphire is wearing another set of Sarah dungarees, this time with a pretty blue floral blouse.
teamed with  navy Rosie Bloomfield sandals.

Saffy thought you might like a side view.

Violet’s decided that you can start with a side view of her Vintage Sasha set.

What’s this Violet? You are showing the other girl’s how it’s done! This is model looking to the side! I see..



Then arms back and smile towards the camera.. Yes that is very helpful but due to the windy weather the girl’s have all gone back inside……Yes they can see the picture’s later…..yes you can explain how to stand etc…can I just tell everyone about your outfit?..yes…Thank you.

Violet is wearing a lovely dungarees set with a white blouse with red spots and red Rosie Bloomfield Sandals.

There are still a couple of girl’s that need to be changed and quite a few boys! but that’s for another day or week or maybe even next month….