With all the lovely sunshine today more of the girl’s decided to change into slightly warmer clothing.

First up was Liberty who chose a new outfit that arrived this week .

Made by the very talented Lesley of Special delivery and teamed with a pair of boots by Lisa of dolly delighter.

Mathilda also chose a special delivery outfit, this one from last year and again teamed with Lisa boots.

Macy also went for special delivery but teamed with Dollydoodle legging and Lisa  boot’s.
Last years purchase of Lisa’s boots in lots of lovely colours is working well for dressing the girl’s this Autumn / Winter.

Here is another photo of the girl’s together.

Arabella also went for  Special delivery by Lesley but this time a lovely green and cream smocked dress.She teamed it with Jj sandals and requested that she would need a cream or matching green cardigan now that the weather is cooling and would it be ready by tomorrow! the child’s yet to learn how long it takes me to make a cardigan for the clan ..

And here is Belle in Vintage Sasha by the lovely Sarah. ” Belle can you look at the camera please?”
” One should never look at the camera when modelling” Belle replies continuing to stare to the side and up.” When I was modelling in the 60’s with the shrimp , you pretended that the camera was not there!” she informs me.

She looks straight at me as she informs me ” You’ll never be a professional If everyone’s always looking straight into the lens ”

then she’s off staring into the distance again!
And yes it’s true I have still not washed her hair but I like the way it’s still got that sixties look about it, so will leave it for a little bit longer…. a year or two..
Below I have put a couple of close up photo’s of the smocking on the tops for those who would like a closer look.

Black and Gold stitching.

Black and Cream stitching.

Blue stitching at the top and bottom leaving a wide middle pleating.