My eldest daughter is due to complete on her new house tomorrow and earlier in the week she asked if I would like a small cupboard that she no longer needed and knew that I liked.

For some strange reason 🙂 as soon as I said yes, I knew exactly what I would use it for! Sasha!!

While having a sort out today, I rang and asked if I could come and get the cupboard ( did not want her moving and suddenly deciding that she wanted it after all !) and then I told the DH my plan for said cupboard.

He kindly took me to collect it, then went on to a DIY store to buy the part he needed and then came home and put it together.

Photo of cupboard when finally in place.

Inside of cupboard now with new hanging rails at just the right height.

Beginning to fill with clothes and shoes

Running out of hangers..

Mmm do not think all this will fit in!


Poor Sophie who was hoping to be changed into her autumn outfit surrounded by things that still need sorting….now I am off to buy hangers……and maybe keep my eyes open for a bigger cupboard…..I was sure this one would be like a tardis!!!