All had been quiet at Gill’s house and her Sasha’s and Gregor’s had been out and about playing. Saskia decided that she was tired so went into the lounge to rest and watch a dvd.

She had barely walked through the door before she let out a scream! throwing her hands up in shock
” Come quick” she cried ” Someone’s stolen the carpet!”
The girl’s look about in amazement, the lovely blue carpet had gone! Saskia sat down shocked by the theft!
Lennon turns up and looks in dismay at the tiled floor. ” Have you checked outside? ” he asks
The girl’s all say no.
Lennon goes to the front door and looks up and down the road, searching for clues or a man carrying a large blue carpet!Just then Mum arrives and asks what he’s up to!He explains about the theft worried that his mum will get upset when she sees it missing but to his surprise mum just starts laughing.” It’s ok” she laughs ” No one’s stolen the carpet, we are having a new one fitted ! ”
Lennon’s relieved ! He did not like the idea that someone had been in the house and taken something.

Mum goes in and explains to  the girl’s and shows them samples of the new carpet that the man is about to lay.

Soon the girl’s and Lennon are admiring the new carpet impressed with how quick the man was who laid it while they watched from the doorway.
Later Lennon and Saskia are admiring all the lovely space in the lounge.
” There was never all this space before?” questions Saskia
” I know ” agrees Lennon ” I wonder why it’s bigger now? maybe it’s the colour of the carpet making it look bigger?”
Saskia considers this then suddenly her eyes got big ” OH No! “
” WHAT!”
Thanks to Gill for rushing round taking photo’s for me when I suddenly realised what a good post her change of carpet could make on the morning the carpet fitter was about to arrive !and for letting me take a couple more to pull the story together.