They say never work with children and animals and today part of the saying came to pass!

I had no idea first thing what post I would do today but then an idea struck and I cleared off the side where I take my indoor photo’s ready to set the scene.

However a large black cloud decided that the lovely space looked just purr..fect for a nap!

Milo the family’s black cat decided that today he would nap right in the middle of my ‘studio’! I asked him if he could not go elsewhere to which he gave me the look you see.
So I waited an hour or so and returned only to be told to catnap off as it were, and he settled back down again..



And he settled for the rest of the afternoon! until the sky darkened and the rain came and therefore every photo would need a flash! So He win’s and the post is delayed until tomorrow…..and if he tries settling there then I am afraid it will be owner one cat nil !