One of my favourite Sasha designers returned last week. Sarah of Vintage Sasha.She listed a lovely selection of clothes and I was fortunate to manage to acquire a couple of outfits.
This is the first one. Paige saw it and told me she was sure it had her name on it! I searched but could not find it. However I took her word and it appeared she’s right! The colour suits her perfectly.

I do love the shape and style of Sarah’s dungarees and this teal colour is  lovely.


Paige insisted on showing you the outfit from all sides.

What’s this more pictures? Oh you have been studying the girl’s on Kendal’s Sasha brood!
and you want to do multi poses….OK.
Any more? No are you sure? what’s wrong with my background?
Oh It’s always the same old same old!
I do have other’s yes
Well I am waiting for the DH to attach them to the board I purchased..
You’ll go and have a word…..good luck..