Someone’s knocking at the Sasha Village door…No one seems to be coming to answer!

From inside they here a voice shouting !
” Can someone answer the door!”
A few minutes pass..
” Am I the only person who can answer the door in this house!!” calls an angry voice
The person on the doorstep begins to feel anxious…

” Can you hold the line a moment KD? ” the girl says into the phone as she opens the door.

“Come In come in” says Hattie ” I need to take this call, follow me and I’ll find someone to get you settled” she tells the newcomer.
The young girl follows worriedly as her bear whispers in her ear ” Are we staying HERE!”

” Yes yes K D that’s sounds great ” says Hattie into the phone ” Can you hold for one minute? Thanks”

” Right” says Hattie ” I’m Hattie and this is Callie and Mitzi . I must finish this call so girl’s can you take……” she turns to the newcomer
” Ashley ” says the girl ” Oh and Gertie ” she gestures to the little bear in her hood.

“..Ashley and Gertie ” continues Hattie ” To mum and to put her clothes away and settle in…”

Picking up the phone Hattie goes off speaking to the mysterious KD  ” Well you’d best add another two now, we have just had a new arrival and she’d need at least one! ….”

” If we leave now we may just catch the postman to take us back ” Whispers Gertie into Ashley’s ear.

Suddenly Gertie feel’s herself being lifted out of Ashley’s hood ” HELP!” she cries

Laughing Callie puts the little bear on the table ” It’s OK ” she giggles ” We are nice here, honest “
Gertie looks at her doubtfully  ” It’s true” joins in Mitzi ” Don’t mind Hattie she’s busy sorting out the cupboard problem”
“They’ve got cupboard problem’s ” says Gertie ” Let’s go..quick”
Even Ashley smiles at Gertie ” Don’t be silly Gertie , anyone can have cupboard problems!”
Gertie’s not so sure!
Callie helps Ashley out of her coat.
“Ooo” sigh’s Mitzi ” That’s a nice pink dress! Do you like pink? I LOVE pink ”
” Yes ” replies Ashley ” I do like Pink but other colours to. This colour is called raspberry”
” I like Raspberries” Says Mitzi ” especially in a tart”
The girl’s all giggle.
” Let’s go find mum ” Callie says ” You will need your photo taken. Everyone gets their photo taken when they arrive”
” I’ll carry Gertie ” offers Mitzi picking up the little bear.
” Carry me where ! that’s what I’d like to know! ” demand’s the little bear suspiciously
The girl’s go in search of mum with Gertie grumbling all the way, asking postage times and train times and where’s the nearest bus stop!
Ashley a no navel blonde, she is wearing a Ruth Hartley outfit.
Lots of lovely ash blonde hair.
“Hold still ” says Mum taking the photo. Gertie looks at Ashley ” There’s still time “
“Did someone just turn the lights out?” questions Gertie ” They’ve probably been cut off!”
” Now they’ve come back on! ” exclaims the little bear ” Maybe that one called Hattie just paid the bill! Quick Ashley get your coat we can still find a home where they can afford to pay the electric! ”
” Shh” says Ashley ” It’s not the electric, It’s the flash on the camera. I don’t think our new mum’s quite got the hang of taking photo’s”
“Gertie ” calls Mum ” can you face the front please?”
Gertie turn’s to face the camera She’s not so sure it was the flash…..she’ll be watching them lights just in case!