Well the girl’s are all happy deciding which dresses they will put on rail now Mitzi’s removed some of her Pink dresses!
Hattie turn’s her attention to the second surprise parcel that arrived along with the rail.

Mm wonders Hattie seeing her name to ‘Miss Harriet Bonham Carter ! ‘

She cuts the box open ” It looks very interesting!” she says to herself. Edward, Mossy and Gertie who have been sitting quietly on the table stand up trying to see what’s inside!

Hattie manages to drag the box out of the way. She is still unsure of what to expect!

” Mossy get down ” calls Edward
” I cannot see a thing ” Mossy complains ” I’ll have to get down!”

Hattie stands the packet up carefully, standing back she looks it over, still mystified by what KD’s sent.

” Mossy Mossy !” cries Edward in a loud whisper ” Come away you nosy little bear!”
Mossy stares hard at the lovely wrapping paper sighing ” I cannot see a thing ! ”

Hattie starts pulling off all the paper and Mossy hurries out of the way after he nearly gets covered up!

Hattie and the three bears stare silently at what’s been revealed. Finally Hattie finds her voice ” Oh It is just perfect! However did they know it’s just what I have been wanting !”

Mossy looks at the tall wooden tree? with the coloured ribbon….Hattie wanted a ribbon tree! whatever for!Maybe it’s a Christmas tree and all the leaves have fallen off thinks Mossy
Hattie leaves the little bear’s looking at her lovely gift and dashes away soon returning and decorating the tree!

” Just perfect ” Cries Hattie happily ” a Perfect Hat stand to display my hats for sale !”
She spends some time rearranging then rearranging again the hats from one side to the other or up then down.

Callie arrives and Hattie tells her all about her lovely early Christmas gift from KD ( Ken & Doreen) and Callie is very impressed by the lovely Hat stand ” How did they know that you wanted to open a Millinery Shop? ”
” Because they are wonderful entrepe erm entrep…..Crafts people! who want to encourage talent where they see it, their note said ‘ we hope you like your new Hattie Stand and  it helps to make you lots of extra money for your mini fund, have fun love from Ken and Doreen’ see it’s even named after me! ”
” That is so very nice of them ” smiles Callie
” Yes ” says Hattie ” They are nice people and they told me it was a OOAK just for me! ” Hattie gets a little choked and needs to clear her throat … cough cough ” Now I must get hold of mum and tell her all my new idea’s for hats! and I’ll need to send  KD a little something to thank them for this lovely gift…come on Callie! we have work to do!”


“Edward” calls Mossy ” I’m thinking these are some strange Christmas decoration’s Hattie’s put on this tree!”