A beautiful  dress by Ruth Hartley arrived in the post  yesterday.Which then meant I had to decide which Sasha would get to wear it first.
After some deliberation I decided that Claudia my 1970 brunette girl would be first.

The dress is in a lovely pink and off white with beautiful smocking .I have teamed it with ivory socks and Rosie Bloomfield sandals in deep pink.

A close up of the smocking detail.

Now Claudia is a 1970 girl and does lose a strand of hair now and then but you can see in this next picture she has plenty of thick black hair so can spare one or two!





Here is a close up of Claudia’s lovely deep brown eyes. I cannot believe how lucky I was to get her after watching her go round ebay once and not get snapped up I  then placed a bid and won her without anyone bidding against me!