Toby and Zak come across the box that was delivered to Mum yesterday.
” I wonder what’s inside?” says Toby tapping the side
” Maybe Mum will open it later ” reply’s Zak
” I have a good idea! ” exclaims Toby” Let’s open it for her and save her some time”
Zak is not to sure that it’s a good idea but……

within minutes he is delving in right along side his brother looking at the contents.
“Wow” exclaims Zak ” Cookies”
” And a Christmas pud and chocolates! ” points out Toby..

” Come on! ” calls Toby to Zak ” pull them out so we can see what else is in here!”
the boy’s begin emptying the box..

” Oh ” says Zak with disappointment ” Is that all?”
” No there must be more ” disagrees Toby ” It must be deeper”

With those word’s he climbs into the box and starts digging!

Toby pull’s out a big bottle ” Is it lemonade? ” asks Zak hopefully
” Nar ” moan’s Toby ” It’s wine..ugh”

The boys dig deeper and come up with some more biscuits and some oatties.
” Whoo Hoo! ” grins Toby ” More treasure for us!!”
” Mum ” says Zak
” Oh yeah for Mum ” agrees Toby

” Look at this!” says Zak ” It’s says Wild Cranberry Chutney!”
” I did not know that Cranberries got angry! ” Toby answered ” I’m not having any angry cranberries on my dinner! They would probably give us indigestion!”
Zak agrees No Wild cranberries for them!

” Look at this ” Toby tells Zak ” a little fruit cake with cherries on! My favourite”
” It’s very small ”
” Yes ” replies Toby worriedly ” We wont get much if  EVERYONE wants a piece! ” He thinks for a minute “I know we’ll put it at the back of the cupboard where no one will see it and get it out when everyone’s doing other things”

Toby dives back in pulling out some breakfast tea bags and a few other items, until all that’s left is a jar of preserve.

” Can I ask what you two are doing?” says Mum’s voice, the boys turn their guilty faces towards where Mum’s standing.

Toby’s quickly up bringing the jar of preserve forward. ” We are helping empty this box of food for you. Look there’s some of your favourite preserve Raspberry ”
” I see ” says Mum ” and what about the mess you have made with all the packing? and I may have wanted to open it for myself, it was sent to me you know!”
” We thought it would save you time ” said Zak quietly
Mum sigh’s knowing just which of her boy’s had the idea to be ‘helpful’ ” Thank you Zak ..and Toby it was helpful but now you need to clear up all the packing back into the box before the dogs start running about and scattering it everywhere!”
Mum leaves the boy’s to clear up.

They put all the packing back in the box and suddenly Toby throws in the little cherry cake
” What are you doing?” ask Zak
” Hiding the cake ! What better place no one will think to look in here with all this packing! We can come and get it out after Christmas and take it upstairs and have a midnight snack when all the other’s are asleep!”

Zak’s not so sure they should hide it but maybe he’ll ask his big brother Duncan later what he thinks!…..

Later Mum come’s back and decides to take a photo of all the items in the hamper box!  that’s a nice little cherry cake at the front, Mum also like’s cherry cake and she also knows her sons especially Toby!