Despite that fact that I should be tidying the house for Christmas I had to get all the girl’s into their Christmas dresses, before I could put them out of the way!

Here we have from the left Sophie , Bella , Nancy and Claudia.

I know you have just seen these girl’s in first picture but I thought all the pink’s looked so pretty together that I’d do another shot.

From the left Evie, Mitzi, Arabella, Callie, Ginny and Tilly all wearing dresses by the very talented Lesley of Special delivery. Shoes are by Jj , Lisa, Rosie and boneka.

Here is a separate photo of Tilly’s dress a lovely woven fabric with little red angels.

A close up of detail.

Here we have from left Sapphire, Ashley, Violet and Dorcas all wearing dresses by Ginny of a Passion for Sasha.

From left Bella wearing a dress by Susan ( Chirnside) Liberty in a dress by Lesley ( Beadsandbags), Claudia in a dress by Ruth Hartley, Raven’s dress by unknown, Sophie’s dress by Nikita ( Dreaming under the lilac’s) and Nancy’s dress by Videgraniers.

Well what started out as changing the last of the girl’s into their dresses then became a mission to take a photo of all of the girl’s together on this tiny cupboard top! Here I have managed to get eight of them but am now running out of room.

So next I bring in the new bench and now we have nine girl’s.

Hattie arrives to say that I need to get the girl’s at the ends to stand on boxes or they will disappear behind the ones about to stand in front!, The child’s too clever by half ,so now the girl on the ends are standing on boxes and a book.

Finally we have all the girl’s in the photo! Hurrah!

Well of course the boy’s decided that they wanted their photo taken together, thankfully not with the girl’s!

Luckily the boy’s had plenty of space to stand.from the back left are Ben, Nate, Dexter, Ethan, Duncan and Adam.
From front left we have Toby, Percy, Morgan, Tristan and Zak.

They decided that they wanted the Christmas sign behind them.

Well I could not leave out the babies! From the left we have Elton Ron, George, Freddie, Quin, Maria, Rosie and Minnie. Mostly wearing dungaree sets by Jen ( Alexisophie).

Well thank goodness that’s done , although this is not my intended Christmas post!!! Let’s hope I have time to get it done, I would hate to have to wait until end year!!

*** Unfortunately i still have not worked out how to down load the photo’s I want on their new ‘improved’ system, so I am having to copy photo’s to this blog but when published these then shrink!! So if you want to see the photo’s in a bigger
size please look at my first blog,