Callie and Dorcas are wrapping up a walnut whip for Dad, although it’s no longer Christmas, they are really into wrapping presents and love seeing them opened. Unfortunately the paper they have is too small!
” There is more Paper up in the cupboard ” Dorcas tells Callie
” Which cupboard ? ” asks Callie ” and which room up stairs?”
” Oh I’ll come with you it will be quicker!” replies Dorcas and the two girls go in search of wrapping paper.

” Mmm what have we here!” exclaims Toby coming into the room where the walnut whip is sitting on the table.
The three blue nose’s watch Toby approach the table, Bruce whispers to Giggles ” This is not going to be good!”

” Oh Yummy A walnut whip, my favourite!”

The blue noses cannot bare to watch!

” Mmm this is so scrummy ” says Toby with his mouth full of the creamy walnut whip !

“That boy can sure tuck it away!” whispers Giggles to Bruce

Toby leans right over the table and starts licking up the filling!

Within no time at all he’s eaten all of it apart from the walnut! The blue noses watch in astonishment as Toby leaves the room his mouth still covered in whip complaining of feeling slightly sick!

Callie and Dorcas return to find nothing but a walnut on the table! Callie looks underneath to see if the walnut whips fallen off!
” Where an earth can it be ! ” wonders Dorcas

They look at the blue noses to see if there are any signs of chocolate on them but they are just sitting quietly, which is suspicious in its self!
” Did you see what happened to the whip? ” asks Dorcas
” T.” Giggles goes to talk but Bruce elbows him and says ” No we was sleeping you just woke us up! ”
The girls stare at him hoping he’ll fold but Bruce stares back all innocent.
” let go and see if Mum knows” says Callie.
” Why did you not say Toby ate it?” asks Robby ram
” Because A toy never blab’s or you’ll soon find yourself in a charity shop or a dustbin!”
“Oh ” say the others, they’ll never tell never!

Several hours later Toby’s gone to bed , he’s not been feeling very well and could barely manage his burger and chips and refused! yes refused his pudding!
Mum asked if any thing was wrong and if he eaten something that he shouldn’t  ! but he said no he was just tired!

He tosses and turns dreams of walnut whips chasing him around the house, he starts mumbling in his sleep as he hears a voice calling him!

He finds himself standing by the table that’s now in the middle of his bedroom! A GIANT walnut whip is TALKING to him!! ” Eat me Toby! ” it demands ” You know you want to! Eat me ! ”
” No STOP ! ” shouts Toby ” I don’t want to! Leave me alone ”
But the walnut whip keeps on ” I wont tell anyone! it will be our secret! Come on what stopping you EAT ME ”
” No NO ” shouts Toby

” MUM MUM ” shouts Toby waking and running from the room ” It was me I Did IT  I ate the The Walnut WHIP I DID IT…MUMMMM”

Coming back a little while later after confessing all to his mum. Toby’s surprised to find that there is no table or giant walnut whip waiting in his bedroom demanding to be eaten ” Mum It was right there ” says Toby pointing ” honest It was so big!”
” Never mind Toby ” says Mum” It’s gone now and I’m sure it wont be back now you have told me what you did. Come on into bed ”

Toby gets back into bed and faces the wall, he does not want to be seeing any more giant walnut whips tonight! Feeling much better now he’s told mum the truth he is soon sound asleep dreaming of pirates and pirate ships.. with only the occasional very small walnut whip getting in the way!


When I saw this giant walnut whip in M&S I wanted it for the this post ! So I waited until they were doing three for the price of two and purchased two other items and this!
Of course now the posts done and I now have this walnut whip which I believe is filled with other walnut whips!! Mmm what to do! Well there’s only one thing for it really…..I’ll just have to EAT IT!!