I am making 2013 the year of the blonde and to start the year rolling I have put on this photo of Belinda ( Belle) my 1968 single fringe Sasha.

She has the most beautiful face as do all 60’s girl’s.there is something about these older Sasha’s, I t could be that the hand painting of the eyes and face is what makes them so special.

I was lucky to get Belinda in almost her complete original outfit minus her shoes but was then able to find a pair for sale on ebay and so she now has her shoes to.

I always put my Sasha’s original clothes away and change them into a new outfit when they arrive because I like to ‘play’ with them by dressing them up and using them for this blog .I worry if I buy a Sasha or Gregor who is minty and sometimes I have to sell them on because they are too fresh!

So this year it’s blondes and if anyone would like to send me a photo when it’s coming up to a new month I will be happy to use it .



” and Bears, It’s the year of the Blondes and the bears………” whispers Mossy…..