“HEY!” say Mossy standing up ” It’s no longer 2012 so it’s no longer the year of the red! So It can be the year of the BEAR!”
Edward sigh’s ” You are NOT A Sasha! So It cannot be the year of the Bear”

Edward get’s Mossy to look at the cushion on the bench.
“See it says Sasha! So It can only be the year of something to do with Sasha ”

“Who is Sasha? Which girl is she?” questions Mossy ” I have not met a single girl here called Sasha! there’s Arabella , Liberty, Rosie , my own Ginny and plenty of others BUT no SASHA!”
Edward asks for patience! and explains ” Sasha is what they are! They are all from the family of Sasha Morgenhaler, so all the girl’s are Sasha’s”

Mossy is totally confused and sits back down turning to Edward he says ” Well that’s just plain silly! They cannot all be called Sasha ! I think that you are mistaken Edward but don’t worry I wont tell anyone!” he finishes kindly
Edward just closes his eyes and thinks it’s going to be a long year…….