Mossy is all excited and rush’s off to find his mum Ginny.

” Mum! There is going to be a year of the blondes and…….the BEARS! Woo Hooo! ” cries Mossy ” I heard Mum..that’s your mum saying that she’d put the bears on in the middle of each month! It was my suggestion so I had best be ready! ”

” That’s nice ” agrees Ginny” It will be nice to see everyone’s bear ”

” Never mind everyone’s bear!! this bear needs to be ready , maybe a hat? or a waistcoat? or a bow tie?” muses Mossy ” Have we got any nice ribbon for a bow tie?”

Ginny goes to find some ribbon and soon returns.

Mossy is soon covered in different ribbon , trying to decide which colour to go for!
” No pink! ” he says ” maybe this nice blue ?or maybe the green? Orange is good but I …I don’t know!!” he worries
” Calm down Mossy! It’s only the 6 th of Jan it will be at least ten days before any photo’s are taken for the post” smiles Ginny at the little bear ” I think the green would go with your eyes ”

Ginny quickly ties the green ribbon in a bow round Mossy neck.
” That looks so nice ” she says.
Mossy stands straighter puffing out his tiny chest ” Well don’t I look handsome ” he says cheekily

” Do you think they’ll want a close up of my lovely eyes?”

Laughing Ginny picks Mossy up and gives him a hug ” Oh you are a funny little chap!”


” Did I just see Toby being chased by mini walnut whips? ” wonders Mossy , he shakes his head ” Nar!”

Ginny settles Mossy back on chair. ” Right I will go and ask Mum to cut the ribbon to the right length ” She says ” I wonder which month she’ll use your photo? Edward will probably be first being the most senior bear in the family” and dropping that bombshell she goes to find Mum!

“WHAT!” cries Mossy ” EDWARD! EDDDWARDDDD FIRST!” over my dead body! he thinks! It was my idea to have a bear on the blog every month and the Edward is not going to be first!
” I need a plan” he mumbles out loud ” a cunning plan”

to be continued……