Nathaniel’s very kindly offered to give a talk this morning !
Most of the children are off at School but Nate who is on a half day holiday
is happy to talk to some of the blue noses and Edward.

He had be send off a couple of letter’s in the week ready for this lesson!

“Thank you all for attending today’s lesson ” says Nate seriously ” Those of you who have received a letter in the post may now open it ”
He waits to give people time to open their letters.

” I had a letter once ” Says Robbie ram
” Really ! What did it say? ”
” Y ”
” Well I would just like to know! ” says Giggles
” Y”
” Because you said that you had one”
“Y ”
” I just told you! ” says Giggles getting annoyed
” And I just told you ”
“No You did not”
Yes I did” ” No” Yes” this goes on for several minutes until
Robbie says ” I Got A Letter Y”
They all fall about giggling….

” Are you finished ?” asks Nate sternly
” Oops sorry” Sorry” Yes sorry ”
“Then I will continue” continues Nate ” Today’s lesson is on…….

a Walnut Whip! ”

” Not M&S Walnut whip but a proper walnut whip!…Yummy!”

” And here it is! A lovely swirl of milk chocolate topped with a walnut!

“and filled with lovely soft mallow”

” Ronnie T !  That is not the walnut whip you were sent!” says Nate  ” What! You could not wait to open the letter so you opened it yesterday and ate it! ”
Nate looks on in amazement ” But that ones got half missing already! Oh You bit the top off this morning because you were peckish! ”
He looks at the other screen  then back to Ronnie ” Look at Kendal , She is only just opening her letter as requested and nibbling at her walnut whip delicately! ”

While Nate been telling Ronnie off,  Bruce as got his head into the wrapper looking for any broken pieces and Robbie’s got on the table heading for the whip!

” Oo  Can I have some please please Nate please!” says Robbie
” It’s not really good for animals to eat chocolate ” says Nate
” It is too! ” says Robbie ” animal’s lurve Choc..o late…..and it is very good for us! Why a blue nose
could fade away if they don’t have a tiny piece of choc …o    late at least once a year! or more even !”

” Yes ” ” Me too ” ” and Me three” ” choco”” Late ”  ” Please! ” suddenly all the blue noses are chattering away asking Nate for  a taste of the walnut whip !
Nate soon gives in and within seconds the walnut whip is gone!

” Well”  says Nate ” I hope you all enjoyed seeing……pardon…on my lip…….oh !”

” Well ” says Nate starting again ” I hope you all enjoyed seeing and learning about the walnut whip and….” he pauses to check on the watchers ” Ronnie? That walnut whip pack is unopened……..Oh it’s another one….your third….oh only second one today……did I just see another one in that bag beside you?…….that’s for later ! ”

Nate looks back to the screen ” and I must warn you all that they can be addictive! “