Mossy is sitting with the some of the other bears discussing
the days events. He seems a bit distracted, as if he is waiting for
something to happen.

” Did you received any thing interesting today? ” he questions
Edward ,watching him intently.
” No ” replies Edward ” just a few leaflets about growing your own

Paige hurries in, looking for Edward.
” Edward we need to pack ” she calls rushing up to the bench.

” What is it Miss Paige ?” asks Edward jumping to his feet
” We have received an invitation ”
” Please may I see it ”
” Of course”

” Oh Yes ..Mm I see …..How wonderful…” mumbles Edward from behind the letter!

“What does it say?” asks Gertie impatiently
” It says ” answers Edward  ” Dear Paige and Edward, It is with delight that I would like to invite you to a talk on 25 ways to cook bamboo by the talented cook Pooh Fernley -Whittingstall ” Edward pauses to add ” An excellent chef , that bear can do marvels with bamboo”
” Is That all? ” asks Little Hugh
” There will also be ” continues Edward ” A demonstration on Extreme Bamboo by Bear Grylls.”
” Oh My Bear Grylls ” signs Gertie ” Such a handsome chap”
Edward ignores her sighing and finishes ” Please arrive by 10.30 am on 16th , lunch is provided ,your good friend Paddy St Pancras”

Within seconds of reading the letter aloud  Edward is up and following Paige to the door.
” We must pack my autograph book and we must not forget the camera and of course I must take Pooh FW’s last cookbook for him to sign..and…”

Paige and Edward leave , the others can hear Edward’s endless list of things they need to take getting fainter as they move further away from the room.

“RE…SULT!” cries Mossy punching the air….

” What result would that be ? ” asks Gertie bewildered.
” Oh ! What? Nothing nothing ” says Mossy going slightly red ” But it’s a shame Edward will miss being the first bear to appear featured on the Village blog ”
” It wont matter if he’s here or not on the 16th ” Gertie inform’s Mossy ” Mum took lots of photo’s of him just the other day while you and Ginny were off somewhere or other ”
Mossy is Stunned
” Yes ” pipes in Little Hugh ” I remember she was saying how handsome Edward looked ! ”

Mossy throw’s himself over the arm of the bench in despair!

To be continued…….