“Hello! Where are you? Come on , Hurry up and get in that chair ! Or I’ll get another Bear for January!
Good , are you ready? Well up you get and I’ll take the photo. Comfortable? lovely hold still, smile ”

Well it had to be !  MOSSY , Keeper of the Emerald.

Mossy is a gentle soul at heart, innocent and simple but not above a little cunning to achieve his aims!

He comes from a long line of mystic bear’s, the emerald he wears gives him special powers but Mossy did not always listen when his father told him how to channel the powers , so his efforts can be very hit and miss!

He loves his Sasha mum Virginia (Ginny) and always makes sure she’s is happy and protected.

Edward the panda is his idol and he tell’s all the other bear’s that he ( Mossy) is Edward’s right paw bear!
They all, including Edward , allow him to believe this.