I recently saw some gorgeous slate eyed Sasha’s that belonged to someone,
they looked so lovely in a group.

So I asked Gill who I knew owned a few if she would take a photo of her girl’s for me
so that I could put them on here and of course being the lovely friend that she is she
sent me a few photo’s.

I had not realised now many she had! but she does love the Gotz girl’s so I should not have been
surprised really.

Here they are, six in total, two of each hair colour!

Her two red’s , Millar in the floral dress and Mackenzie in check dress.

Her brunette’s, Tegan tartan and Mia in the Scottish dancing outfit. I am lovely these brunettes!

And finally her blondes, Robyn in the blue with hat and Madison in the green tartan.

Now A question for any of you out there who may know the answer! I have noticed that a few of these girl’s and a few other’s I have seen have shorter hair round their faces, can you tell me why? I discussed this with Gill and we decided that it could be because they  are meant to have their hair up in pony tails?
We would be interested to know the answer !