Whether it is nobler in the mind to leave well alone!

Now I love the look of a rerooted Sasha or Gregor along with most others BUT personally I believe that a Sasha etc should only be rerooted if they have bad hair, ie falling, badly cut etc.

I also believe that if it’s a boy it should be rerooted as one. I have just seen for sale a very nicely reroot Sasha , well he is a Sasha now! He/she has the most beautiful original hand painted eyes!

Not being a Sasha expert I could not tell you the year but I would think it’s an early one and now this Gregor is lost!

It is a shame that there are people who may not realise the Sasha/ Gregor they are ‘improving’ is in fact worth more ( maybe not finiancially) in his originial glory than the extra pounds they may get for their sex change reroot.

I am sure there will be many amongst you who will not agree with me , however having seen the beautiful eye’s on this ‘ girl ‘ I just had to say my piece!

I am now getting off my soap box until next time…   🙂