For a ride in the snow!

While mum was safely in the warm, a couple of the boy’s decided to venture outside, fed up
with waiting for Mum to take them !

Baby George had seen them just as they were about to leave the house , when they said it was too cold and he could not come with them, he’d taken a big breath ready to start yelling , so the boy’s had quickly changed their minds… grabbed the sled and made sure he was wrapped up warm, then headed out.

It’s still snowing but the boy’s are loving the cold crisp air and the deep snow, they pull George around the garden for a while then stop to watch the wild bird’s feeding, keeping really still..until George starts  giggling and trying to touch the snow!

“Come on ” says Duncan ” we’d best head back, we forgot to put gloves on George and his hands are getting cold.
” I’m going to check on Drago ” says Ben, so Duncan and George head back to the house.

Once the other’s are out of sight Ben throws himself backward’s into the snow, like he’s seen the American children do on TV and waves his arms about to make a snow angel.

The snow is falling on him but he does not care so full of joy at playing in the snow! A short time later he gets up and heads off deeper into the garden.

He find’s Drago deep in the snow which a pile of snow on his head!

” Oh No Drago! ” cries Ben rushing to his side ” You must be frozen! Quick come back to the house and sit by the fire you’ll soon warm up! ”

Drago who’d been sleeping until Ben started yelling in his ear, starts awake ” What ! ” he listens to Ben’s worried word’s
” Ock laddie dinna fret so, this wee drop of snow is nay anything to be worrying ya self aboot ! It reminds me of ma home in the highlands! I was standing here waiting ta see if It wa reach ma chest!”
Ben is amazed that the little dragon thinks it’s not deep enough!
Drago sees Ben start to shiver ” Away with ya Laddie back ta the hoose! get a wee dram inside ya to ward off a chill ”
Ben decides to head home , he is beginning to feel a bit cold, going back he thinks he can hear the dragon singing…….

” Ya tak the high rood ….and I’ll tak the Low rood….. and I’ll be in Scotland …..afore ye”
Shaking his head and smiling he runs home.