It was getting dark and cold, the temperature dropping, the little bear’s huddled
together, trying to keep warm, where was Mrs Mum! Would they spend the night
right at the back for the garden! pray to any passing fox! or Cat!

Then what was that! a sound ! someone was coming! At last Mrs Mum was back , tutting
and fussing, gathering them close and rushing back into the warm!

” Th tha thank goo d nes s M rs M um re mem ber ed us !” Edward says his teeth chattering with cold.
For once Mossy is to cold to answer and snuggles up to the hot water bottle.
They have all been given hats to help warm them up but Hugh is so tiny he is wearing a sock!

Mum comes back with a blanket from the babies and a promise of hot drinks. All the little bears relax as they start to warm up and  to fall asleep one by one, what an adventure they have had! Wait until they tell their Little misses! They diced with danger and survived!