While the bears are sleeping off, their garden adventures I thought it
might be a good idea to put a picture of a couple of Sasha’s on as this is
supposed to be a Sasha Blog! Although those Bear’s are sneaking in here and there!

These two pretty dresses are by Susan  ( ebay seller chirnside ) in Australia, I was lucky enough to buy the pink one first, I do love floral’s and this pale pink with the deeper pink roses is lovely and the frilled collar finishes it perfectly.
Then Susan recently put on this pale green version which I purchased having loved the first one.

The green has a white frilled collar and came with the pink to green ribbon Virginia is wearing.

The pink dress came with this floral ribbon hair band which Belinda is wearing.

I think Belinda’s pink boots go well and maybe I should change Virginia’s sandals for some green boots to match.