I received a great photo from Steve of his new no nose boy
along with the two no nose’s he already owns, a girl and another
lucky for me he agreed that I could put the photo on here for us all to see.

A great photo, showing his new boy in dolly doodles on the left and a beautiful yellow eyed red haired girl in the centre and another boy on the right.

I do believe that these style of Sasha can be an acquired taste, but thats a bit like all the earlier Sasha’s.I was never going to have a no nose but now have Arabella ,a beautiful red haired yellow eyed no nose girl like the one in the photo and I was never ever going to have a boy but did in fact ask Shelly about Steve’s new boy on the left but Steve had beaten me to him, which is good as I do not want one..Lol… unless of course like the one above something about him appeals!

So those of you out there going  ” Mm their ok but I would never want one!”  be warned  never say never!

Here is a closer photo of the three.They look very serious as if they are reading something important!

Thanks Steve for letting me share these lovely photo’s.