down the end
a bear does stand and wait
A great seer of an ancient line
in a long black cape

He has sent upon his way
A bear of wide renowned
great Ciro , fierce,strong
and loyal to the crown

Ciro is come to live on this land
and protect all those inside
For to this place shall come a Queen
and here she shall reside.

Great Ciro who is wise and strong
is sent ahead to see
that all is well and safe about
and what they have for tea!

Mossy’s emerald strong with power
makes him search about
Edward he has brought along
because he’s strong and stout!…….hearted

The seer he waits about his bower
for the little bears to come near
For he must give them warning
of who will soon appear.

Mossy stops still in his tracks
a giant bear he spies
Edward hides behind his back
he cannot believe his eyes!

The seer tells of things to come
of ancient lines of faery
the little bears never thought
to hear tales so extraordinary

Mossy’s stunned and Edward sighs
at events that soon will happen
He not so sure he can deal with this
he may just move to Clapham!


Hopefully this rhyming lark will soon end !
According to this blog I have today just done my 300th post! so it would appear I can talk ( so to speak)
the hind leg off a donkey!
My family will not be a bit surprised .My late father always told everyone I was injected with a gramophone needle at birth!!

Oops not this blog , I have only done 124 on here but on my first blog I have reached 300…