Cold and alone Lonely sat
and pondered long and hard
Who to send her present to
and should she add a card

She’d seen the village children play
and laughted along with them
Maybe they could come some day
and bring their ted’s, all ten?

A cold icy finger shivered down her back
and as she wrote her card
Toby’s name sprang to her mind
she no longer found it hard

So she sent to him a walnut whip
she was totally unaware
That he’d been chased around the house
and almost everywhere

the Ice queen in her bower did smile
her plan, her idea , her trap
for she’d been the one to drop his name
into Lonelys lap

Now Toby still lived in fear
of walnut whip attack!
So Lonely’s gift a thought so dear
could seriously set him back

But fate did choose to intervene
and send into the battle
Arabella a sasha old and wise
and full of steel and mettle

So the Ice Queens plan did fail
and Lonely gains some friends
Who plan to save this little soul
and try to make amends