Arabella goes in search of Toby

“Toby this letter cam for you” says Arabella finally finding Toby after searching all over the house.

Oo !” Says Toby putting it on the table ” I wonder who it can be from?”

“Never mind your letter ” cries Arabella ” Look at this sweater dress that mum’s made me put on! ”
” it’s very nice, I like the colours ” Says  Toby
” It is beautifully made by Auntie Gill.. BUT.. ” continues Arabella ” I am a dress person and it comes with a…HAT!” she says the word as if it’s an insult…

” I do not DO hats! ” she declares firmly ” especially knitted ones. My hair is very delicate ”
” you’d better not speak like that about hats when Hatties around ” states Toby
” I have nothing against hats per se But they are not for me and either are sweaters!”
” Well just change then ” says Toby getting fed up with the conversation and more interested in opening his letter ”
” Oh ” says ” Arabella “won’t mum mind?”
” Nop, one of the others who loves sweater dresses will snap it up ”
Relieved Arabella asks  ” Are you going to open that or not ?”

“Well !”
” I am just wondering what it can be!”
” Stop wondering and open it” says Arabella.
Mossy ,on the chair at the back, shivers feeling worried…

In side is a card with a message….

Toby reaches back into the envelope and finds something, he starts to draw it out…….

On to the table drops a perfectly formed replica of a… WALNUT WHIP!!!

Arabella watches stunned as Toby starts to run from the table Yelling!
“TOBY! ” she shouts to be heard over the racket he’s making ” STOP THAT THIS MINUTE!”

Toby stops and turns back to Arabella, who is now holding the tiny walnut whip and admiring the workmanship.
” Look you silly boy, it’s just a little tiny thing. It cannot hurt you!”
Taking a big breath Toby relaxes and looks at what Arry is holding , he starts to go red for being so silly.
” Here ” says Arry ” you hold it”

Toby holds the walnut whip and feels so much better! He finally thinks he might just stop dreaming that they are chasing him round the house!
” Well whoever that Lonely is , she’s a wicked child for sending this to frighten you!” says Arabella sternly ” I shall send her a very stern letter about playing such nasty pranks on people!”

” No! No! ” says Toby quickly ” you don’t understand  It must have been the Ice Queen who suggested it!”
Arabella looks confused ” Toby you cannot have it with Ice cream it’s a toy!”
” Not Ice Cream ICE QUEEN ” yells toby
” Do not yell  at ME ”  Arabella yells back. ” What ICE QUEEN!!!”
” Come on I’ll show you ”

He takes her to mum’s computer because dad is working on his and starts to search for Lonely .
” Stop!” says Arabella as they come across the photo of Steve’s No nose family. ” What a beautiful family ” say Arabella ” Those boys are so handsome , that girl should move out the way ”
” She looks just like you Arry! ” says Toby ” but with more hair !”

Arabella turns to Toby slowly ” I beg your pardon what did you just say?” her voice is very soft and luckily for once Toby can hear the underling menace….
” Oh hum I said ” gasps Toby franticly searching for some way to save himself..” I said ..arh  she looks like she does not care ! ”
Arabella stares at him for a moment longer hers eyes steely then she smile ” well where is this ice queen?”

Toby rushes to find Lonely thankful to have managed to save himself.

They watch Lonely look for her Bear, her one friend, who’s been thrown into the pond by her nasty brother

They read of the trials she faces in T.H.A.T house and the Ice Queen who rules with a icy hand!

and they see little Lonely sitting at the table all alone deciding to share her walnut whips with others!
Arabella gently touches the screen desperate to hug the sweet little child …

” Oh Toby ” cries Arabella ” that poor alone…” she weeps on Toby’s shoulder.
Toby wishes she’d stop she’s making his eyes water……

Arabella dries her eyes and turns and with a look of pure steel says
” Some one had better give that child her bear back or else!”
then goes in search of mum because she needs a cuddle and the phone number for child line!