Due to all the snow , ice and goodness knows what else weather
wise we have been having. today was the first time I had a chance
to visit Gill since before Christmas.

Arabella insisted on coming along because she wanted to chat to her friend

The girl’s are soon chatting 19 to the dozen!

“Oh Poppy that grey suits you !” exclaims Arabella
” Love the purple!” replies Poppy
” Vintage Sasha ! ” they cry together
” She is a marvel ” says Arabella ” I would not wear anyone else’s Dungarees!”
” Same here ! Her cutting is perfection!”
“Couture ”
“Couture ” agrees Poppy

“Mum put me in one of your mum’s sweater dresses the other day!”
“Yes she did”
“Yes . Please do not get me wrong it was a beautiful sweater dress as sweater dresses go…but..”
“Exactly!” Poppy agrees ” I totally understand! Mum tried to get me out of my VS’s just yesterday but I was having none of it! I told her she’d better buy me another pair if she wants me to change!”
The girl’s sigh in total agreement!
” I have heard of Posh Spice ” says Gill ” But I think we’ve got Posh Sasha’s here!!”
” Right girl’s when you have finished discussing our poor clothes choice do you think I could take some photo’s? ” I ask.
Thankfully they agree and I take them into Gill’s conservatory , due to the sun..yes the sun! we have to close the blinds . Realising the light behind them is not a good idea I change position.
Unfortunately the wooden box they are on is to close to the doors, I cannot quite get down enough to be level.
“Mum have you just cut off our heads?” asks Arabella
” No No, just a practice shot”
Gill offers to move the box but I say no , I’ll change position.
That’s better.
” Your mum’s not very good at this, is she” whispers Poppy to Arabella
” I know but we indulge her” Arabella whispers back.
“She’s taking a lot” says Poppy
” I know , she always does, then she uses about a third and the rest are just wasted”
“What’s she doing now?” asks Poppy
“Lord knows! ” says Arabella ” But It looks like she’s finished at last!”
” Thank you girl’s” Says Mum
The girl’s smile sweetly….
I have included this photo of Gill’s school children. Looks to me like the group at the top’s school does not have a uniform policy while the ones below them do!

Well I finally got to give Gill her Christmas present, a beautiful jade green dress set by Ginny and I received
a lovely red school satchel and a pencil case with pencils, just the things for my clan.
Well Gill picks up Posh Sasha! and I pick up Posher Sasha! and head home, having had a very nice visit.