The Ice Queen thinks that we’ve forgotten
Lonely’s little Ted!
She thinks that if she goes quiet
she’ll have put the thing to bed

But oh so wrong she will find
that no ones gone away
We’ll keep the pressure going on
until she finds a way

Lonely’s not alone now
her friends are far and wide
So Ice Queen needs to understand
there is no place to hide

She needs to take her frozen heart
alone out to the pond
Throw it out into the deep
hoping that Teddy will cling on

Perhaps when Ted and it pop up
a tiny crack will break
And warmth will begin to thrive again
in that cold dark place

Until we see our Lonely girl
standing small and proud
Teddy clasped beneath her arm
Her heart beating loud

Then shall we breath a sigh
of joy and little things
Of Teddy found and happiness
and  Ice hearts that now can sing