Well I was minding my own business while checking out ebay a couple of weeks back
when I chanced upon the German ebay site and spied a blonde slate eyed Sasha….
I checked her over and she appeared very dirty but had a lovely sweet face….
so what is a girl to do! Of course I bid on her and was most fortunate to win her.

I have called her Marnie and she arrived today.These are you first photo’s straight from
the box.

Here she is standing on Mantlepiece.

A closer look at her sweet but very dirty face and hair.

another view

When I threw the clothes away , they were not worth saving and gave her a good wash with soap and water, she turned the flannel grey!

Then she had a lovely hair wash, which again turned the water very dirty, after being dried and snuggled in a towel for a while to allow her hair to dry. I dressed her in a set of Vintage Sasha dungarees that had been awaiting her arrival.

Here she is posing for photo’s.

What a difference a bit of soap and water makes!

A closer view

So nice and clean now.

Callie , one of my red slated girl’s , joins her to show her round. She’s wearing the lovely purple set of Vintage Sasha that Arabella’s abandoned because she’s now decided she does not DO dungarees!!

I love the colour of these dungarees by Sarah, she looks so clean and fresh in them.

Such a sweetheart!

My friend Kim came to dinner at the weekend and showing all the talents of a true friend, although she does not collect Sasha , she is always keeping an eye open for Sasha sized things and she brought me these cakes.

Callie is kindly standing beside them to show size. They are fridge magnets! Just shows what out there in unexpected places!

“Arabella! Why are you standing on the mantlepiece?”
” So you can take my picture , of course!”
” Well get down”
“But Marnie was standing here!” exclaims Arabella
That’s because she’s new and I was wanting to take a couple of quick photo’s for my records”
“Well what about here?” calls Arabella from in front of the underground sign!
“Arabella why am I taking your photo?”
“Oh you are silly Mum ” giggles Arabella walking away ” Because I’m so cute of course” she wanders off after Marnie and Callie.