When Steve kindly sent me the photo of his three No nose’s , we had a chat about
him getting another girl and about it being a brunette. I said that I had seen one before Christmas
but was unable to buy her due to lack of funds.Then almost within a couple of hours Steve’s telling me , he’s found one on Shelly’s and
he is buying her!!Well I rushed off to look! What a little beauty! But Steve’s got her!! So being too late
to make her mine I did the next best thing!…I asked Steve to send me a photo of all four of his
No nose clan when she arrived and as promised here they are!!!

What a lovely group ! I am starting to get into these Sasha’s! I only wanted one……but maybe another girl would be nice……..well I will have to see which way the wind takes me and my collection…..you never know!

Thanks Steve for once again letting me put your fabulous Sasha’s and Gregor’s on my blog to share.

Ps Steve am a tiny bit jealous….Lol