Now you may remember that I said at the beginning of the year that I wanted to concentrate on
getting some more props etc for the blog posts.

To this end I asked the DH if he would help and be my props man! much to my delight he said yes
well after I had told him what I needed him to make!

I did not put any pressure on him but he started to gather together the wood and other things needed and
slowly over the last month or so he’s worked on the project when he’s had the time.

For me it’s been very exciting coming home from work and seeing a bit more completed each time.

Well today I will show you the first part of what the DH spent his time making.It still needs an accessory or two but see what you think.

Yes , it’s a fireplace based on the one that Ellen Church used. She very kindly gave me a few measurements and suggestions which I passed over to the DH and this is the result!.
The photo could be better but by the time I had found a frame that would look ok, found the clock which I had put away and could not remember where! and downsized the picture of Kendal’s NP  and put it in the frame … it’s was quite late!
I asked him to give the fireplace a marble effect which he did and I had him paint the walls cream so that it would go with any colour I wanted to introduce.I am so please with the result.